Welcome to sklapsky.ca.

The primary purpose of this site is family history in one form or another, primarily Sklapsky or any relation to them. I’ve been meeting and in contact with many of the family, relatives I had not seen for many, many, years, or in some cases not at all. From each I’ve received either nuggets of information and occasionally old photos. Some of that contact has been strictly on Facebook, and (as much as Facebook rubs me) it does have the ability to put family in touch with each other.

Some of those photos, and other information as it comes, will all be found using the top menus of this site. If you are on Facebook you can ask to join the “Sklapsky Reunion” group page, we’d be happy to have you and there you’ll find many family members both near and far.

Primarily this will be a site about “Us” and our family, the ‘Us’ being Dwayne and Maureen, and the ‘family’ being….well, family. As time and energy is available I will post photos and the occasional rambling of mine, it all depends on how my ADD is on that particular day. The site will ultimately have information on the rest of the family as well, and perhaps some genealogy information.

Us, in a nutshell (old photos)

Here’s a few photos taken over the last couple years, more recent ones will come in posts within the blog.

In the meantime please have a look at the other pages as well if you haven’t already.  I will try to update them periodically to make things somewhat interesting, please look around.

Oh, and also please feel free to comment or send me an email.


  1. Wow this is a huge undertaking. Congrat’s Dwayne for taking it on. I need more time than I have right now to browse through it all. Great work. Keep it, cousin.
    Linda Ducharme nee Holben via Pearl Sklapsky.

  2. Hi Dwyane – this is Sandy Mitchell (nee Skalspksy / Bob) you have done an incredible job on this site. I will forward to my two girls, Alicia and Janell. Cheers – Merry Christmas.

    1. Thanks Sandy, it’s also nice to hear from you.
      I think the girls might have seen the site but maybe not the family tree. There’s a link on the “Sklapsky Reunion” page if you haven’t seen it.

      Take care,

        1. It looks like we both got lost in the hubbub of life. I don’t think you did respond to me on the original question, that of your families ‘tree’. If you like I can add you to our family tree on Ancestry.ca. At this time it is the most current. The family tree on Sklapsky.ca is based upon it.

    1. Hi Auntie, good to see you out and about. This is Dwayne if you weren’t sure.

      There is lots of stuff on this website but some of it is password protected due to privacy concerns. I’d be happy to give you a password if you want.

      I have some pictures of Bert and Grace but none of their son Don since he was little.

  3. Hi again Dwayne,

    I neglected to add that my daughter Linden Sklapsky was born in Victoria, BC as well.

    Many thanks,

    Cousin Dale Sklapsky

  4. Hi Dwayne,

    Great job on the Sklapsky.ca site. I wanted to add an update for myself, Dale Mitchell Sklapsky, son of Eugene and Judith Sklapsky and brother of Kelly Long (Sklapsky).

    I have two children.

    My son: Elias Leelyn Sklapsky born May 20, 2006 in Victoria BC

    My daughter: Linden Joy Sklapsky born January 10, 2008

    I would be grateful if you could update my information on your wonderful site.

    Kind regards,

    Cousin Dale Sklapsky (Victoria, BC)

    1. Hi Dale, so good to hear from you!
      Thanks for your comments on the site, feedback of any kind is good and especially positive feedback.

      I am curious though what you would like me to update as any family trees are supposed to be password protected. I certainly am not against you having access, in fact I’d love to include you, but if I have a weakness in my security I’d like to know about it. I will certainly update the info I do have.

      If you are on Facebook we also have a Sklapsky Reunion page and I could invite you if you wish to join. It’s closed so an invitation is required to see any posts or photos.

      Please keep in touch. I missed connecting with your Mom and Dad a couple years ago on an Island trip I was on and I like to touch base with you and Kelly if you’d be agreeable.

      Either way thanks again, it was great to hear from you,

  5. Hi back
    Lots of old photos but how to scan and gt them to u ? Hv to solve that somehow. As for Madden – Maddy is short for so many names; both genders, too
    Our Seafarers Mission reaches seafarers that come to the port- grain, coal, container ships, cruise ships. a lot of them are on the ships for months at a time. the only way to communicate with their families is phone, wifi, skype and they can’t do that on the ships. So we provide those along with scriptures, Bibles, praying for them, counseling and finding out about their countries. It’s very interesting. The centre is a non profit society and we depend on donations from those who have a missionary vision (but are too old to go to the mission field!!) So most of the volunteers are retired
    we also have a local woman who was a missionary in the Philippines for 23 years and speaks Tagalog (Philippines) two taiwanese women who speak Mandarin and Cantonese. What a help they are. Most Filipinos can speak English but the Chinese usually have one spokesperson and they are just as relieved as we are when someone can speak their language.
    Talk to you again
    and Mandarin and Cantonese.

  6. Hi Dwayne Maureen and Maddy?
    Just got your website fm Joyce. Somebody had to do it!!!!
    Hi to the family and distant family. Speaking of Reeves family, there is a
    guest on Global – Renshaw – sure looks like Pearl. Is there a connection?
    We are involved with Seamen’s Ministry Centre and that’s where we are going
    now. Keep in touch

    1. Hi Maddy, so nice to hear from you. I’m happy to see more and more family checking in to the site and making more connections. It’s very gratifying. I think the ‘Maddy’ you may be referring to in your salutation is our grandson Madden.

      I’m not sure what you are commenting on, in reference to a guest on Global? Do you mean the tv channel Global and there was a Reeves on it? I’m not sure if it is a relation or not, although if the name is Reeves then there’s likely a connection somewhere.

      I haven’t heard of Seamen’s Ministry, where is that?

      I should be mentioning to everyone, if you have any old family photos (older the better) that you wouldn’t mind sharing please let me know. You can send me an email to discuss if you prefer.

      So take care, I hope we can chat more,

  7. Hello Dwayne, Great start! I know this will be a fun project as you gather and share information on your family. It’s wonderful to see Grandpa’s memoirs, too!

    Take care, your distant cousin,


  8. Dwayne,
    My first chance to get a look at your website; very interesting and so well done. It wil take me hours to look at everything as I’m sure you have spent hours putting it together. Grandpa Reeves memoire is very interesting, quite a life he lived. Congratulations for taking on this huge job, I’ll definately be back to check out some more of the site!

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for checking the site out, it’s nice to have visitors. The website and blog is still a work in progress and it does demand some time to keep up, particularly if you want to have fresh info. It’s something I always wanted to do though, so I’ll find a way to find the time….
      Please let me know if you get a response via email or not (if you see this that is). I need to know if there’s something I need to fix or there’s a setting that needs changing.

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