Website Taking Shape

Nov.27.12 11:03 pm

I can see this is taking the shape of a blog, which is not the original intent but ok. I’ve not pursued any web updates lately as I’ve just been too busy with retired life. Sad but true.

I still want to upgrade and utilize some variety of gallery software and whether that is something provided free from my hosting site or a product I purchase I don’t know. I’ve looked at a product called jAlbum, which is promising, but there are a number of free products offered through HostPapa also. They host this site so if they seem appropriate I’d like to use one of those packages.

I can see there is still an issue with the date that displays in the top right of the page. As I look at it now it shows the 28th but it is only the 27th. It’s late on the 27th but still the 27th. I assume it’s a time zone issue and I’ll check into it.

We are off to Hawaii on Thursday, tomorrow being Wed., and we’ll leave for Kelowna tomorrow and off to Honolulu early Thursday morning. Obviously I’m not so dedicated as to do much on here in that time. I may, but who knows.


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