Hawaii then Home, More Work to Do

Dec.14.12 9:50 pm

If you’re following this blurb you’ll see not much has happened. We went to Hawaii for a week or so and my time spent since then has been….well, spent.

There were pictures to deal with (all 650 of them), and although they have been taken off my camera they are not yet edited or filed. As you can imagine most are of Madden and it is still my goal to create an album on this site with all manner of family photos and stuff.

I have, since our last chat, installed WordPress onto a subdomain of this one, another domain name I’ve purchased so I don’t lose it like I did with the Sklapsky.com domain name. That was only my own procrastination that caused that particular fubar. I will endeavour to NOT commit that particular sin again.

To that end I purchased the one domain name I liked (I’m considering pros and cons of divulging the name) and am seriously thinking of buying another. Stay tuned.

At this time I’m thinking of installing WordPress on this site as well. It is a much cleaner interface and will (read that as should) minimize any mucking about I need to do in order to make this site legible. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this process of web site building/developing it’s that no change is small and the changes all interact to make one big CF if you do something wrong.

Hang in there we’ll see. ps by the way, if you come to the site please let me know.


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