Another Late One

Dec.15.12 11:48 pm

Well…., another late one. It’s not that I work on this all day/night, just that I tend to start later in the day and don’t get finished until at night.

I’ve updated the theme to something I like more, I hope you do too. It’s a tad dark so I may tune that up somehow but at least now it fills the page and looks more like a normal website. I’ve also tuned up some of the headers, titles, links, graphics, and I’m much more pleased. Aren’t you happy too?

  1. I deleted the ‘Updates’ page and menu link and added a ‘Gallery’ link, both in the top menu bar. There is little in the Gallery now but that will change.
  2. Fair warning here and now, this ‘News’ page likely won’t be updated much after this. I am going to start working on the blog, reached of course from the ‘Blog’ link on the main menu bar. Hopefully the menu bar remains where it is in any future themes I may apply to the site. That being said see you on the Blog.

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