Betwixt and Between

Betwixt and Between

Here we are, the middle of the Christmas/New Years holiday season with no place to go. It ain’t so bad though, it’s not like I have a shortage of things to do. One thing I’m not and that’s bored.

[PiwigoPress id=553 url=’’ size=’sm’ desc=1 class=’alignleft’ img-shadow]Our company has left the building, the kids have gone home.  Our daughter Ayron and family were here for 3 days and while I enjoyed their company it was an action packed time.  Perhaps not so action packed as many others have had during the holiday but for me anything that removes me from my chair for more than a couple hours constitutes ‘action’.

Now that makes it sound like I’m a lazy sloth, and don’t worry I’ve felt that myself on more than a few occasions. I should truly adopt increased physical fitness as one of my New Years resolutions but realistically I’m not a big believer in that concept (resolutions, not fitness). My retirement will have to bring all manner of change to my life if I want to survive past my 60th birthday.

I pick that age rather arbitrarily, could be 65 or 75 for that matter.  The bottom line is life is about change and I intend to live ‘life’, thus must change.  That would include not only improving my physical fitness but also my mental acuity and cognitive functions. My use of big words helps me in that regard, LOL.

At any rate the holidays are almost passed.  We have a number of movies to watch, I have tons of web site and gallery development to do, LOTS of books, and even a smattering of crosswords.  Maureen (my wife) has her interests to occupy her time and together we may see a movie or two.

Tonight it’s Colander. For those not ‘in the know’ Colander is a local legend, an Italian restaurant that’s been operating for 30+ years.  An addiction for those who’ve sampled her wares, a treat for those who haven’t.

So signing off for now. Please leave any comments if you feel so inclined, I’m always up for suggestions.

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