Whew, Changes made to Blog Site and No Problems, yet….

Well the site has been ‘morphed’, the old webpages (built using the software provided by the domain host) are now defunct and the site is run basically on the WordPress platform, except for the Gallery of course.

This process, of moving the existing blog site to become the website at sklapsky.ca, was done using documentation in a WordPress codex called Giving WordPress Its Own Directory. The location change from sklapsky.ca/blog to sklapsky.ca went pretty smoothly and to see what bugs I might encounter I did a trial run on another of my sites.

The hardest part was moving/copying the sklapsky.ca page info into appropriate pages/posts of the WordPress site. For the most part I think it’s done, although there may still be some small tweaking req’d.


News, is still a page with the info from the ‘old’ sklapsky.ca site moved into a fresh page.

About, has also been copied to a new location, called “Another About”.

There may be some details I’ve yet to clean up so I hope I don’t break anything in the process.

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