– Charles Reeves Memoir, Page Additions and Updates

Charles Reeves Page Additions, and updates:

There have been a few page additions and updates to the site. Most have been around the memoir of Charles Reeves, my gr gr grandfather on dad’s side. A number of additional pages have been added with more of his story and you can see the current list here. I hope to get some more photos posted soon as well.

Reading his memoir is very interesting and when I actually think about what their lives were like it back in the late 1800’s it makes me appreciate mine even more. I recently got an email from one of his daughters, Aurla, who now lives in Western Washington. She is only one of the two surviving ‘children’ of Charles and Ida.

There have also been some small changes to the site layout and formatting. Some make the site more legible (I think) and some are just for sh**s and giggles. I’m having fun learning more about not only WordPress itself but also php files, SEO (search engine optimization), and just general website administration. Something I’ve always wanted to do, and now I’m retired I have more time. Not a lot more time, but more time I choose to dedicate to the cause.

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