Happy Birthday Madden

The last couple days have been pretty busy and the buildup to the party and subsequent “Happy Birthday Madden” was not without some stress. I guess such is the often the case when you want something to go well and you hope your planning will be for naught. We are spending some time in Kelowna so we can help wherever we can.

birthday cake, birthday, cake, 1st birthday, Happy Birthday Madden
Madden’s 1st birthday cake

The cake making and decorating went well with Ayron’s friend Ashley taking on the decorator role. The ever present “Thomas the Train” theme was the inspiration and she did an awesome job here. Watching her do her magic was enlightening, and it confirmed my thought that decorating is best left to those with steady hand and some kind of artistic ability, neither of which I have in great abundance.

I will post a few photos here for now and the majority will be put in the Gallery once I get home. I may attempt doing so from Kelowna but I’m thinking it may not go as well as hoped. Time will tell.

Here’s Madden after his first cupcake solo, no assistance required. There was some initial prompting needed to get him started but once he tasted the icing and cake he was smitten. I think he must’ve thought ‘I’ve died and gone to heaven’, or whatever a 1 year old thinks.

cupcake, cake smash, Madden, 1st birthday, Happy Birthday Madden
I’m done, gimme more

Of course the story wouldn’t be complete without a picture of me with my lil buddy.

madden, Dwayne, cupcake, Happy Birthday Madden
I feel full

I believe a good time was had by all and I do have pictures to prove it. As I said, all (or most) of the photos taken will be posted in the gallery.

Being that Madden’s ‘real’ birthday is Mar. 10th this party was set up as an occasion that I could attend. I feel blessed Ayron changed the date for me, at least in part, as I will be out of town on the actual day and wouldn’t be able to attend if it was on the weekend of the 10th. I will be coming back from Tuscon, a trip I’m taking with my Mom so she can take in a book signing at the University. I’m sure proud of her, 3 books under her belt and more to come.

hugs, Madden, Mom, birthday
Madden and Mom

Here’s one of her with Madden. Whenever she would hug him her hearing aid would ‘squeal’ and he would put his ear to hers and listen to the sound. Cute, of course.


  1. Hi Dwayne, Love the photos of Madden’s first birthday celebration. How wonderful you all got to be there. Aunty Janna is an author?! I never knew that! What has she written? I don’t think I even know her last name. Please let me know, I’d love to check them out.

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