Janna Olsen-Spratt – the Author

Janna Olsen-Spratt – the Author

Janna Olsen-Spratt, the author.

After I re-read my previous post I think I may have been a bit remiss in not mentioning much about Mom’s books, particularly the one she was in Tucson for. That book signing was for A Path Through.

She writes under her name Janna Olsen-Spratt.  To date she’s written 3 books with more on the way, and she has a blog as well. Her books are published by Xlibris, the link to her author’s information page is here.

The books she has written so far are:

Quiet Reflections – a book on Poetry

BILLY GOAT AND THE RED NECKERCHIEF – a Children’s story, based on a tale her Uncle told her.

A PATH THROUGH – her autobiography

A PATH THROUGH , Janna Olsen-Spratt
A Path Through

You can check out all of the books here on the Amazon site:


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