Spring is around the corner – time for some macro photography

I can feel spring in the air, most days at least. It was below 0° C this morning and only warmed up to about +5 or 6. Still too cold to spend much time outside. I did forge ahead the other day though, while the sun was still shining.

I picked up some extension tubes on my last trip to Kelowna. They are used to magnify objects, things you want to take close up pictures of (macro photography). Being that it’s a tad too cold to be outside I thought I’d take some photos indoors.  It’s all about the practice isn’t it?

fern, macro, extension tubes
Close up of fern

The photo above was a hand-held shot and one thing that jumped out at me right away was the really shallow depth of field.

macro of Angel face
macro of Angel face

This photo, above, was of a small angel’s face. Again depth of field is interesting. I think there may be some challenges when using these tubes. I tried a similar shot using Aperture priority however it wasn’t appropriate without a tripod, and the shot was too blurry to use. Note to self, use tripod whenever possible if using extension tubes.

On the other hand the shot below is of one of my Coleus, using a tripod but with one of my zooms, no tubes. I was about 3 – 4 feet from the plant. There’s still a depth of field issue, but probably not as bad as with the tubes.

Coleus leaves
Coleus, up close and personal

Still a pretty picture though.

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