Time Flies

I’ve made some headway with Charles Reeves memoir, as far as copying the text to this site. I’m about halfway now and with luck I get about 5 pages per day. That translates to about 20 something more days at that rate.

I think I mentioned that I went with my Mom to a writers exhibition called the Tucson Book Fair and on our layover in Vancouver I was fortunate to meet a couple of family members, albeit family members a bit removed. One of the ladies I had been emailing back and forth with, exchanging family information. Fay H., the distant cousin, invited me to her home to share with me some of her family history. She had also invited my Great-Aunt Delores to join us, the wife of one of Charles Reeves sons. What a great treat to meet and talk to both of them.

Delores has since given me the contact information of one of her nieces, Noreen, the holder of the original Charles Reeves memoir. I will certainly get in touch with her to talk family. Maybe she’ll lend me some photos to copy and put on here.


I took some photos the other day of a nearby creek. I was playing with the shutter speed and trying to get the motion of the water to blur and was partially successful. I think I need another run at it to perfect. These were taken at 1/10 of a second, I think at least a second or so exposure might be better. Apparently the slower the shutter speed the better.

rushing creek, creek
Rushing Creek

The picture below is the same creek just a different location and a wider view.

creek, rushing creek
Another Rushing Creek


  1. The photos of the creek are wonderful, you did a good job experimenting with the shutter speed. I really look forward to seeing what you’re going to try next. And how nice that you got to meet Aunt Delores. When she and Uncle Wilbur, along with the other great aunts and uncles came to the family reunion at George and Joyce’s, we had so much fun with them. I thought I had photos of that gathering, they’re clear in my mind, but I can’t find them on a quick search of my albums. I’m not sure if Aunt Delores and Aunt Orla are the last of that generation or not. They would both have so much information for you.

    1. Thanks Bev, I enjoy photography and have done it (with a break while the kids were teens) since about 1980. It can be very therapeutic.

      I enjoyed my visit with Fay and Delores, unfortunately I was between appointments and ran out of time. I plan to make another visit soon. I’m not sure who Aunt Orla is although I’ve heard the name. Delores said Aunt Eleanor’s daughter Noreen lives in Kelowna so I plan to contact her and make a connection there too. She has the original memoir of Charles, and some other things too I think.

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