It’s Amazing What Pops Up – Fall Colours on the Slocan River

Isn’t it amazing what sometimes pops up, what snippets of life and experience just appear. Some may say happenstance, or perhaps good fortune, but I say it’s just plain ‘neat’. Fall colours on the Slocan River were just that.

I was off loading some photos from my camera tonight, trying to find something interesting to post, and I came across some pix I took last fall on the Slocan River. This one in particular caught my eye due to it’s bright colours. It just happened that the light was perfect for a shot like this, so I took it (and a few more too, of course). As I study it now I see it could probably do with some cropping, but hey, it’s late and I’m pooped. It’ll have to wait for another day.

Last year I had gone ‘up the valley’ to pick up a free child’s gate, in anticipation of Madden walking or crawling to places he should not be. On the return, as I crossed the bridge over the Slocan River, I saw the glowing grasses and trees framed by the blue sky and it’s reflection off the water. The fluffy white clouds just set it off. Anyway, here ’tis.

fall colours, Slocan River
Fall Colours on the Slocan River

I guess the shots from today will have to wait.

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