What, No Sun This Morning?


Ok, I’m cheating. This shot wasn’t taken ‘this’ morning, but it was taken ‘in the morning’. I took it about a week ago and the morning was not unlike today’s, grey and overcast, cool and breezy, a good day to be indoors.

It’s different than a number of more recent mornings, days where the sun is in full bloom as soon as it peaks over the horizon. Or mornings, like below, where even though the sun’s full glory is not known immediately it’s evident you will witness it soon.


Now, isn’t there a larger sense of optimism in the lower shot?

But regardless of the sun, whether it’s in or out, I must walk. It needs to become part of my routine, and shortly I may do it on my bike. It’s all uphill but sometimes our days are like that.

I went all out today walking from Maureen’s school back to our home. I’m estimating about 6.5 k or thereabouts. I have stopped for coffee to break up the trek but I’ll be on my way shortly, as soon as I’m done talking to you.

Here’s a couple more shots, as the others were, taken with my phone. Also as this is written. Hope you enjoy!



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