What’s My Train of Thought?

What’s My Train of Thought?

My morning walk the other day was blessed with a new occurrence, I’m out in nature and I met the train. I guess I didn’t really ‘meet’ the train, I was strolling along the path and the train came along. That’s probably not completely true either, I wasn’t ‘strolling’ but actively forging along the path, marching at a brisk pace. Regardless, I was there, the train was there. No surprise I guess as the path is beside the tracks.

Normally all I encounter is solitude and birds, and that’s just how I like it. Take this morning for example, I stopped for a coffee at my latest fave and pondered, sit inside or out? Out is nice, the sun is shining and the air is fresh, but the seating area is on the sidewalk adjacent to parking and the street noises of the nearby road are becoming more active and bordering on annoying to me. While it’s not completely quiet in the shop it’s music that’s dominant and not the whooshing of tires and constant traffic sounds. Inside it is.

I’ll be forging onward soon, back to the quiet of ‘the path’ and away from the activity of man. Somehow I feel more at home there. My thoughts will wander and my train of thought may move from locomotives and lean toward Madden.



  1. What a sweet photo of you and Maureen with Madden. He sure is photogenic and as cute as can be. I hear you when you talk of solitude and the absence of noise. We’re fortunate to live far enough away from the city not to hear all the noise, but a busy road runs not far enough away and we hear the traffic occasionally. And just when I get all comfy out on the deck with a good book and a cool drink, one of the neighbours decides that’s the time to fire up the chainsaw. I much prefer the birdsong and squirrel chatter.

    1. Madden is cutie for sure, he’s a bright spot on our lives.
      We’re lucky at our place too because even though we live in town we seldom hear any street/highway noises. The house faces the mountains and the side that faces the road is buffered somewhat. I’ll be working on a way to attract more birds to the yard, I love the chirping.

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