I’m Baaaack

I’m Baaaack

Like the prodigal son I’ve returned home. I brought Mom back from Edmonton yesterday and because my sister Brenda is doing so much better we felt now was the time.

Brenda woke up on Friday and while she is still a long way from ‘good’ she is doing much better, and actually improved over what the doctors had expected by this time. She was off all machines and could communicate a little through hoarse whispers and raised eyebrows. Funny, attitude can be found at all times and in all places.

While she is recuperating to the next stage of wellness we thought a reprieve would be in order for us. Mom certainly needed a break from the daily visits to Brenda’s bedside and I’ll admit I was yearning for one myself.

Mom, Me, Auntie Muriel, Linda, Lloyd
Mom, Me, Auntie Muriel, Linda, Lloyd

We came home in two days, leaving Edmonton on Saturday morning and stopping for a short time in Carstairs to visit my Auntie Muriel. At the same time we also had a brief visit with my cousin Linda and her husband Lloyd. I was really glad to be able to see them. Sometimes I feel like we don’t do that enough.

After our visit we got back on the road and headed south again to Okotoks, where we stayed overnight with my niece and family. It was one of their many busy weekends, with many sports events for their kids and my great-nephew Dryden’s First Communion on Sunday. We weren’t able to take part in any of the events but were with them in spirit.

Sophia, Me, and Bretlyn
Sophia, Me, and Bretlyn

The morning we left I was able to get my photo with a couple of my great-nieces though. Unfortunately I missed a photo with my great-niece Sawyer as she was already out in the morning, off to one of her ball games, but I did snag a couple pix with Sophia and Bretlyn. The boys were not really interested and were playing hockey downstairs.

Something about being with the younger ones makes me yearn to see my own family (I’ll admit it, I’m really thinking Madden), and I suspect a road trip is in order very shortly. It’s a strange power they have over us, it’s almost like I’m going through withdrawal. That being said I made my request known to the powers that be that I’d like frequent photos sent to me while I was in Edmonton.

Madden and Ayron
Madden and Ayron

The almost daily pictures and videos helped boost my spirits and recharged me somewhat. They also reminded me of the good things in our lives, something we too often forget. It inspired me and once I get my feet back on the ground at home I’ll be planning my next road trip to Kelowna. You can never go too long without a hug from your grandchildren, or that’s my experience anyway.

First I have a few things to put to bed. I’m waaay behind in posting the pages from the Reeves memoir, and I haven’t really even begun to scan all the photos Noreen F. was kind enough to lend me. It’s another mystery to me why I find it all so interesting, the history of our families. I’m not even talking just the Sklapsky side, there’s all facets of ‘family’, my parent’s families, their parents, my wife’s family, their parents, the list goes on. Ultimately I’d like to have a bit of it all here, on sklapsky.ca. Kinda like one stop shopping.

Reeves-Sklapsky family
Reeves-Sklapsky family

On that note I’ll post one more photo. I know many of the folks in this picture, some I’m not sure of. Eventually this picture will be in the gallery and I’ll have most/all identified. If not I’d sure appreciate any help. As always an email or comment would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Glad to hear your sister is inproving enough that you can return home. Continued prayers and hugs. Love Sandra

    1. Thanks Sandra,
      You are probably aware I’ve been visiting Noreen and she’s filled me in on some of Eleanor and Perle’s children, are you Lawrence’s daughter? I’m still getting a handle on all the members of the extended family, Sklapskys, Reeves, etc. and have been doing some online research. I see on Ancestry.ca that there is an Alan Renshaw who’s done quite a bit of work on the Renshaw line. I’ll likely contact him soon, once I get my ducks in a row.
      In the meantime thinks for your prayers and best wishes,
      Take care,

  2. Welcome Home! I can only imagine how good it feels to be back with Maureen and to lay your head on your own pillow. So glad Brenda is at least well enough for you to feel you could leave her for the time being. Thank God for the quick communications we have now; not only for immediate updates on your sister but for those sustaining photos and messages from Ayron and Madden. If anyone would understand why I moved from Alberta to Nova Scotia when my granddaughter was born, you would. The family photo is interesting. The only face I can’t put a name to is the fellow in the peaked cap standing behind Grandpa Reeves. Funny to see our Dallas and George all grown up while Verla and Eugene were still quite young. Hope you have a great day Dwayne, nice to get back into your old routine.

    1. Hey Bev, yes it feels really good to be home and my own bed was heaven to fall into.
      Mom is heading back up in a day or so and will help Brenda through her mending. I/we will likely head to Kelowna in a few days to do a bit of ‘mending’ on our own.

      I completely understand your move, it may be in our future too, only time will tell when.

      I went over the photo with my Mom and she placed most of the people in the photo. Dad even had one name, Bill Moher (sp?), a local worker that apparently had a thing for your Mom (according to Dad). I’ll put my names to the people, let’s see if you agree.

      In the meantime take care, and I appreciate the commments.

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