Blogging on the Road

Blogging on the Road

I’m blogging on the the road, well, not really ON the road but blogging from the road. We are camping, I am attempting to blog.

Given no Internet at our location, or cell service where I could tether my laptop to my phone, I am concerned about creating a post on my phone then losing it before I can send. I’ve had situations similar to this before where I create an award winning post on my phone, perhaps even insert some iphoneography, then go to make a change or two, and WHOOSH, lose the whole damn works. Frustrating to say the least!

This version of WordPress mobile seems more stable though so let’s hope all goes well. First I need to come up with something to write and then get ‘pen to paper’ and ensure whatever I write is saved. Unfortunately I won’t really know whether it worked until after I hit “send”.

As I said we are camping. We only went as far as our local Provincial Park but it’s one of my favourites so I figure how wrong can you go. In a pinch we can zip home for that last minute “need” but with our checklists and some experience under our belts how wrong can you go. So far I think we have all we need, outside of Internet for example. And let’s face it, that’s not a need at all, merely a strongly desired and well supported habit.

It’s beautiful here. I’ve always liked it at Syringa Creek Park and it is certainly one of my top picks. It may not be for everyone however. My wife relates an experience that she had a year or two ago when checking out the available sites prior to moving the trailer out. She saw a couple de-camping and asked if they happen to be moving on. They replied yes, in fact they didn’t like it here and were anxious to get out. As they relayed to my wife, “there’s too many trees”.

Now that is exactly what I like about it here, the trees, the water, the mountains. To me it’s Gods country. Yes I know God is everywhere, and this country of ours epitomizes the varied beauty, the ‘something for everyone’. I feel no shame in saying that this is my beauty, this is the type of terrain I love. If only I had Internet here.





  1. Great to hear from you Dwayne. I agree with you about the camping spot; it looks ideal to me. Relax, enjoy and take lots of lovely photos.

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