Camper’s Delight

Here we go again, another tour of duty in the Camper’s Delight, another week at Syringa Creek Park.

This ‘tour’ will encompass staying in 2 separate sites, each had to be reserved using the BC Camping reservation system (much to our dismay) and each site had both positives and negative characteristics. The reason for 2 different sites was our inability to get into a vacant site in the ‘first come, first served’ side. Perhaps if we stayed out here on standby and waited for a vacancy before we pounced we may have been successful but we didn’t. After one attempt to secure a vacancy we fell back to the possibility of finding one through the reservation system. We weren’t able to find a continuous period available but were able to secure 2 sites with availability back to back. They’re in different areas but one move within the campsite was doable.

Being the camping snobs we are we have begun to rate each site and try to determine the pros and cons of each. I could go into the findings here but needless to say regardless of each site’s good and bad features we will soldier on and attempt to have a good time regardless.

This photo below was taken on the beach below our present site, on the water side. We have our own beach don’tcha know. Not much sand (read that as none) but the view is still awesome and it reinforces my ongoing mantra “Sure a good life we lead, isn’t it?”


We’ve gone for a couple dips in the lake to cool off and while the water is still pretty chilly it does refresh one’s spirit if you choose to dive into it. That chore fell to me alone as Maureen is more the ‘creep in slowly’ kinda girl. I find just diving in head first is the most beneficial. Just gitter’ done.

So this post is short and somewhat sweet. We only came to town to take care of some things and then back to the lake we go. Perhaps I’ll see you soon, after this tour of duty is complete.


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