Some Changes Afoot

Some Changes Afoot

Well there have been some interesting things transpire here, for those of you that follow.

First off I was contacted by a descendant (I assume) of one of the founders of the Sauntry-Cain sawmill, a saw-milling and logging endeavour where my Great-Grandfather Charles Reeves worked back in the late 1800’s. Mary, the family member, wanted to use some portions of Charles memoir in a book she was preparing on history of the Sauntry-Cain logging operation. I contacted family members to ensure my sharing of the information didn’t overstep any boundaries.

Fortunately I will be able to share portions of the memoir with Mary, in order that they be used as part of her documentation on the history of the company. Unfortunately I was also requested to remove the memoir from this site.

I fully support that decision. It was never my intent to share personal information or minimize the special nature of that document. Perhaps in the future we can find some compromise so the effort Charles put in can be shared by a wider audience.

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