Only a Week, Away…..

Only a Week, Away…..

We are on the road again and are once more spending some time bonding with Madden, as his folks spend a few days away. It’s good for them, good for us, and we think good for Madden. I hope he thinks so too. At his age it’s hard to tell.

He and I have walked every day, rain or shine, and I literally mean ‘rain’ or shine. Yesterday we were 2 for 2, started out dry and ending wet. He didn’t seem to mind however, he was spending most of his time in the stroller, covered with a blanket and snug as a bug in a rug. All the really hard work fell to me.


Today was another wet one. The go-gen was long but not as fruitful. Again he missed out on the chance to actually walk, everything was wet and there were puddles everywhere. Neither of us planned far enough ahead, although at least this time I brought an umbrella.

The last little while the words “go-gen”, or “go-agin” (go again) are synonymous with heading out into the wild blue yonder for another walk. He’s said the words himself (or a semblance of them) a couple times but mostly it seems to be part of the adult’s repertoire, asking Madden if he wants to go-gen. Seems like a dumb question as he bolts for the door like a bullet from a gun. Tell him to get his hat and shoes and he easily complies. Many days he goes for his gear before we even pose the question, he knows the drill and has the go-gen times nailed down. Let him down and his angst is apparent, loudly.

We’ll head home tomorrow and perhaps even bring him for the ride. His Mom will follow the next day, coming for the long weekend and she’ll join my sister and her family as they visit. It should be an action packed weekend.

Stay tuned.


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