Changes coming ……..

Since I developed this site I have been pondering some possibilities, mulling over the various options to maintaining the privacy of individuals while still providing as much info and family history as possible. It seems to me the only real way is to provide a log-in and password to those who are interested. Access to the secure portion of the site would give those individuals the ability to see more in-depth family history and at the same time keep that same information private and away from the general public. The original, public, site would remain virtually untouched, it’s only if you wished to view the more sensitive data that you would have to log in.

As an example:

  • birthdates and other personal information could then be posted (if acceptable),
  • family member birthplaces or past residences could be shown. This refers primarily to those of the older generations who are deceased,
  • individual’s photos may be shown on the secure site, if that was acceptable,
  • other, more personal, information such as war history or service records,
  • noted life events.

Most of these points would only apply to those of the family we are researching, not generally the living.

So for any that are reading please let me know what you think. I may still contact any of you whose email address is known to me. Hopefully as summer winds down I’ll have more time to put into this project. I appreciate your input.

6 thoughts on “Changes coming ……..

    1. Thanks Bev. I know I like all the ‘old’ pictures so by the time they get older they can look at all these ‘old’ pictures too.

  1. Hi Dwayne
    I think you can get most information from I can live with
    another password. Thanks for the consideration of others.

    1. Hi Maddy,
      Yes Ancestry has lots of info, and that’s where I’ve gotten a lot, but many people don’t have access unless they pay. I could give access to interested individuals to my site but my goal is to sort of have a “one stop shopping” on
      Do you have a tree on ancestry? I’d like to look at it. I can also share mine with you if you want.

  2. Dwayne, you’ve done an excellent job creating your site and I do enjoy checking it out and getting updates on your blog. In this day and age I think anything we can do to protect privacy is worth the effort. Whether you leave the site as is, assessable to anyone, or make a log in to view more information on living relative, I will continue to view it. Your site is an invaluable resource for anyone doing genealogy research. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for the nice comments Bev. Once I get the login and access squared away I’ll give you a login name and password, or you can email me your preference personally and I’ll set it up.
      The private portion of the site won’t include the blog or gallery, just the personal family section.

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