Did I Say “Change”?

Did I Say “Change”?

Well it’s been a busy time, and one not without some good and bad. Maybe disappointing is better – not bad.

I went to Kelowna a week or so ago with a purpose in mind. Yes, I know my purpose was to see my daughter and family but a secondary purpose was to see my Great-Aunt Aurla and other relatives. She, Aurla, is Charles Reeves youngest daughter. For those of you who just dropped in Charles is my paternal grandmother’s father. If you log-in to the family tree (soon to be online) you will be able to see the lineage.


Unfortunately, for reasons I don’t completely understand, we were unable to connect. In fact I wasn’t able to see any of the family who were present in Kelowna that week. I was, and am, disappointed of course. But c’est la vie, hopefully there will be other such opportunities.

On a positive note though I did hear from Aurla on her return home. She has graciously allowed me to repost the Charles Walter Reeves memoir. This is under the proviso that the memoir be accessible only to family, not the general public as it was before. This is more than fair, and one I had considered prior to it’s removal from the sklapsky.ca site.

So, where is this ‘family’ portion of the site you may ask? Well, it should be up shortly, maybe as soon as tonight (Sept.18), and I’ll post a notification to that effect once it goes live. Hopefully there won’t be too many glitches along the way. In addition to the memoir there will be access to a family tree with some, shall we say, more personal information regarding those on the tree. I look forward to any feedback.

Once I get the ‘family’ side of the site available you will only be able to get in by using a log-in name and password. I can assign such (likely) or perhaps allow those interested to choose their own. Let’s see how it shakes out……..


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