Almost There (the wise man once said)

Almost There (the wise man once said)

The private family section is getting closer. I know I mentioned it may be ready a couple days ago, however getting the site login to act the way I like and providing access to only certain sections of the website is proving to be a touch more challenging and time consuming than I envisioned. Isn’t that always the way. I am making progress however.

If you want access please let me know and I can set you up right away, you can beat the rush. (Now there’s wishful thinking). Some things are already available, and more to come.



  1. Sign me up whenever you get the time Dwayne; I realize this has taken a lot of man-hours on your part so don’t sweat it, just whenever! Thanks!

  2. I’m usually very patient, but now I’m anxious to check out the changes to your site. Set me up with a password or whatever I need to log in, please.

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