Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

There is a famous quote that says:

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”.

It’s origin has been attributed to many people, even Charles Shultz (Peanuts/Charlie Brown) has his kick at it when he paraphrased:

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it sure makes the rest of you lonely.”
– Charles M. Shultz

How long does it take, if ever, before absence ceases to have that effect?

I’ve been spending some time with Madden the last few days and even though he can present some challenges, and I’m only being honest here, it’s when he’s no longer in my day I feel his absence. That absence can have profound effects, one being the loneliness Shultz mentions.

We’ve gone to the park, looked for ducks, we have walked to the local mall, and we have just hung out in the house, but where this absence struck me the most was this morning while getting supplies.

I am making chicken soup for dinner tonight, yummy soup too I might add, and I went to the store to pick up some ingredients. It’s while I was strolling along the sidewalk near the mall grocery store, the same sidewalk he and I walk almost daily when I’m in Kelowna, that it struck me the strongest. I passed the spots he on the sidewalk where he doddles, I saw the windows he peers in unabashedly, I heard the echo in the hallway where he generally calls out to hear his own voice coming back. It was at that moment I missed him the most.

Madden at the Park

The little curmudgeon tugs at my heart, even when he’s not with me, and I know he’s not always the angel I know he can be.

Two Hands

So even though he is not truly absent, only away from me for the day, I miss him. I don’t know if my heart can grow any fonder.


  1. Honestly, Dwayne, I can tell you from MY experience as a doting grandmother who’s been with her granddaughter from the moment of birth ( I was in the delivery room and was very privileged to hold Fiona minutes after she was born), the heart only gets fonder with each passing day. If you think you love and miss Madden now, just wait. I never worry about her when we’re apart because she has two parents who treasure her more than their own lives, but I miss her and cannot wait until I see her again. Every day I spend with her is special and there are no hugs or kisses like hers. Madden is one blessed little boy to have you for his granddad and the time you spend with him now, and as he grows, will be moments he remembers as well. I totally understand how you feel and your posting really touched my heart.

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