Pearl Sklapsky-Holben Memoir

Pearl Sklapsky-Holben Memoir

In April of 1989 Pearl Sklapsky-Holben began to write her memoir, a story of her life and the immigration of her family from Michigan to Brock, Saskatchewan. Pearl is the youngest of 10 children who moved with Frank and Ettie Sklapsky to Canada around 1900. It’s a captivating story, one not unlike the story of Charles Reeves, where both face the tribulations of a move to a new country. They leave both friends and family behind, never sure whether they will ever see them again, at least in this life.

Pearl writes:

I wonder as I write this, just how interesting it will be for anyone to read. I am seventy-one years old and will be seventy-two on the 24th of August this year. Time has flown by so swiftly, and yet it seems eons since I was a child. I wonder if my having lived will have made an impression on anyone, and I think not. I’ve done nothing to be remembered for. My life is like a pebble. Dropped in the lake it makes a few ripples that fade as they stretch out and eventually, nothing remains. And I guess that is how it’s supposed to be since we are, none of us, indispensable. I wonder if my having lived here on this earth will have made any difference at all. I bore five children which to me are wonderful, but to how many others? Will the Lord bless me through them? Will they make the mark I didn’t?

I think she did make a mark. I believe her life did make a profound difference, both through her family and just by her writing this memoir, the story of her life with her family.

The memoir is currently found under the menu item “Family Info”, only seen and accessed by those who have registered and signed onto this site. You will also find Charles Reeves memoir there. If you wish access you can let me know, or register yourselves to gain access. You can go to the post “Done for Now” to see what you need to do, or like I said just drop me a note. I’ve asked her daughter Linda Ducharme if she would allow me to post it on the public site but as of yet I’ve had no reply.

The memoir in it’s entirety, and a great deal of additional family history, can also be read by acquiring Linda’s book “The Sklapsky Saga – The History of a Family”. If you would like a copy of the book please contact Linda, she has copies available. You can reach her at smoochsmom(at), just replace the (at) in the address with @. Please put “Sklapsky Saga” in the subject line. You can also contact me and I can send you additional contact information.

Enjoy the story!

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