Well,  I’ve received a piece  of good news this morning, and NO I didn’t win the Lotto. That would be nice however.

A few days ago I was looking through some family history files and I came across a photocopy from a section of a book I have called “Land of Hope and Dreams – A History of Grimshaw and Districts”. This particular section was on Frank and Bernice Sklapsky, written by Bernice Sklapsky. At any rate I thought to myself, “self, wouldn’t that be neat if I could post that section, or others, on this site for others to read”. It might be interesting for those who’ve maybe never heard of, or seen, the write-up. Wouldn’t it, huh?

So I looked up the publisher and tried to make contact. Unfortunately the “Grimshaw and District Historical Society” is no longer, at least it has no presence on the ‘net’. After a bit of poking around though I ultimately contacted an officer for the town of Grimshaw and after a couple of days got a reply. The society is now non-operational but this helpful person gave me contact info for someone who used to be in the society. Long story short they think it will be fine for me to post the articles, ain’t that swell?

So I’ll have to do the old scan/convert/transcribe the paper version to enable posting here but once it’s done we’re one step closer to having the ‘big picture’. This section is, of course, on Frank and Bernice but if other family is mentioned I may get that too.

Frank and Bernice
Frank and Bernice


2 thoughts on “Good News

  1. I remember reading this book years ago and totally forgot it existed. What a great find, Dwayne. I wonder if Aunty Joyce would still have a copy of it. I can’t remember what other families contributed to the book but it is full of interesting stories. I look forward to reading grandma’s contribution.

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