Land of Hope and Dreams – Frank and Bernice Sklapsky

Land of Hope and Dreams – Frank and Bernice Sklapsky

Well, my ship came in. As mentioned in my previous post Good News I received permission to reprint sections from the book “Land of Hope and Dreams – A History of Grimshaw and Districts”.  The permission came from one of the directors of the now defunct Society and with it comes the ability to post articles from other families as well.

I have started with the Sklapskys, Frank and Bernice, with an article Bernice (Grandma) wrote mentioning their early life in Grimshaw and area. The article is called Land of Hope and Dreams – Frank and Bernice Sklapsky, and has been reproduced and is posted under the “Family Info” menu item. I don’t know the time it was written but she wrote it after she had moved to live with her sister in White Rock. I’m estimating just prior to 1980, when the book was published.

Interestingly as I look at the inside jacket of the book I see a list of Historical Society members, many of the names that I recognize, names such as Diebert, Aspin, Smart, and Mowry.

Another photo in my ‘pile’ that I’ve noticed is of Frank and Bernice taken at what I think is their anniversary. Can anyone confirm and tell me which anniversary?

Frank and Bernice Sklapsky, at their anniversary
Frank and Bernice Sklapsky, at their anniversary


  1. I tried to be a good detective again by trying to read what it says on the cards, but other than Happy Anniversary nothing is clear. I thought the card on top the toaster might actually say a year. I posted a note on our family site asking for more info about this photo. My mom has a family group photo taken at this time and I’ve asked sister Linda to check if there is a date on the photo. Aunty Lou might be able to date it as well, Uncle Karl check in to the family site often and he might ask her to let us know. I even looked on my list of appropriate anniversary gifts to see if one of them was chrome! I’m sure we can date this photo sooner or later.

    1. Good job, for trying at least!

      If this photo was taken at the same time as the one posted the other day I’d say it was probably their 25th or 30th, judging by the age of the kids. It’s hard to gauge the age of the ‘children’.

      I also asked my Mom, I think she might’ve been there.

      1. I think I remember mom and Uncle George travelling from Berwyn, possibly by train, to be there for the occasion. Dad stayed home to look after us kids. It would be great if Aunty Audrey or Lou got a look at your site, they might be able to put a lot of dates and names to faces and places. Not to mention the wealth of older photos they each may have.

        1. I’d like more people to see the site and photos for sure. Some people are just not internet people that’s all.

          I have an Ancestry family tree site too, if you’re interested in that. I can send you an invite that will let you look at everything I’ve got. You could be one of my “contract detectives”.

          1. Yes please, I enjoy browsing family trees and any history that might be connected to our family. I was just reading in the newspaper about the Canadian family of Samuel Bass, the character in “12 Years A Slave”. Imagine finding a hero like that in your family tree. Interesting stories are always surfacing about our own family and the photos you are posting are so interesting.

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