Land of Hope and Dreams – A Tribute to Grandma Gale

Land of Hope and Dreams – A Tribute to Grandma Gale

One of the articles in the book written about the Grimshaw area, “Land of Hope and Dreams”, was a poem written by Donna J. Nickel titled “A Tribute to Grandma Gale”. To be honest I’m not sure of Donna’s relationship but it sounds like Grandma Gale was her, well, ‘Grandma’. I’d be interested to learn the actual connection.

Grandma Gale was born Ethel Louisa Marks, in 1885. She was married to Henry Botsford for a time and they had one son, Wyman. She remarried to Alvin Gale and together they had Wynona (Nona), Edith (Jean), Reginald, and Roy. She passed away in 1895 at 100 years young.

I had the pleasure of meeting her years ago, if memory serves me correctly, back in Berwyn where she lived in a small house next to her daughter Nona and her family. But before I go too far off on a tangent I will have to ask for confirmation on my ‘facts’ as I was likely only a youngster when this alleged meeting took place. Many things can happen over the years to diffuse what may have been clear recollections of the day. I believe I’m correct but may be confusing facts.

Grandma Gale’s son, Reg, married Muriel Sklapsky, and this is the connection to the Sklapsky brood.

The poem was written for Grandma Gale and it is posted in its entirety. It can be reached from the “Family Info” drop down menu at the top of the page, or by using this link here. I’ve also inserted the photo that was included with the writing, of Alvin and Ethel.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I had posting it. I will post the second article on the Gales soon.


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