Madden days

Madden days

The last couple weeks have been steady shall we say. I drove to Kelowna to pick up Madden and then brought him back Sunday the 2nd after his swimming lesson. We kept him from Monday until last Saturday when we took him home to see his Momma and Daddy. I’d forgotten what effort it is to raise a 2 year old. Saints preserve, will I ever be more respectful of parents now. It is work, plain and simple.

The days before I brought him back I was fortunate to see him in ‘Sportball’ and swimming lessons. That should’ve clued me in as to his energy.

Once we made it to my home though we settled into somewhat of a routine, and as the days went by I/we got better at the whole ‘daycare’ business.  All in all a good time. I miss the little guy already.


  1. Oh my goodness, that face! Madden is one handsome little guy, but then he comes by his looks honestly from both sides of the family. I know exactly what you mean about busy and exhausted. But a word of warning; it doesn’t get any less busy or exhausting as they get older. We just had 9 year old Fiona for three days this past weekend and even though we were busy the whole time we never got half the things done she had planned. And to think, come May there will be another grandchild for you to hustle after.

    1. He is cute for sure, and a handful. I can attest to that.

      This is an old post so I’m surprised it shows as being recent. One of the bugs I’ll have to look into.

      Fiona sure looks cute. Those eyes of hers are awesome.

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