This website has seen a few ups and downs in the last few months. In reality it has not only been this site that’s presented challenges, I have also had some moments. It’s been nothing too serious mind you, just normal ups and downs, but they took my focus away. I’m here now though so that’s a plus.

spending time here
spending time here

As I said the site became messed up a few weeks ago. That’s a technical term for unusable. The incorrect (old) pages would come up and none of the menus worked.I was able to resolve it, with a little help from my domain hosting company HostPapa, and I got it back into a working order of sorts a week or so ago. Things proceeded slowly toward normal until I broke it again a few days ago. Thankfully I figured out what happened and fixed it within minutes. Hopefully we are good now.

I’m happy to say the Facebook group page “Sklapsky Reunion” is attracting quite a bit of attention. I had mentioned it previously in a post titled Sklapsky Reunion Facebook page. Catchy title eh? The downside is you have to belong to Facebook, I don’t say ‘belong’ lightly because that’s what happens. Ultimately you can belong to Facebook, as in they ‘own’ you. That notwithstanding I think FB has some merits and that is one of them, the ability to connect diverse groups.

As a result of that connection I have some new family friends. I’ve learned a great deal about some of the branches of our family tree and expect to learn more. Hang in there, as promised more info will come.

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