Dad is Moving On

Dad is Moving On
Dad, his ‘wheels’ and new duds

We have just reached another stage in life here, my father (Dallas Sklapsky) has been moved into a residential care home in Castlegar.

For a few years now he has been living alone in an Assisted Living complex in Trail, a town near us, but it has become too much for him. His health declines and he seems to be more and more unable to care for himself acceptably.

I don’t think it inappropriate to say here that he suffers from Dementia (among other age related illnesses), and the disease progresses at it’s own rate, unaffected by those close. Dad still recognizes me but there are times when spouses and grandchildren are forgotten. It is sad to see but it is also life, and we have no choice to accept it.

The photo below was taken a couple years ago.

Love those close while you can.

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