Just Another Day

The morning started as any other, I awoke, stretched, put on my pants, and pondered what lay ahead. What would my day bring?

While this sounds like the intro to a cheesy novel it is in fact how things began, how it always begins. I know the many hours ahead include work, some adventure, some stress. It’s not without it’s positive moments but lately that isn’t enough.

I swapped one pair of boots for another, but now…..

These boots are made for walking
And that’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these boots
Are gonna walk all over you

I started this adventure in July of last year, the ‘adventure’ being my temporary employment at Domtar, in Kamloops. It was to be a temporary gig, 3 to 6 months they said, until they could find someone to replace me. Rather it was until they found someone to replace me…..to replace my predecessor. That’s fine I said, I look forward to the change, and the challenge.

This is not to say I wasn’t perfectly happy in my retirement mind you, I loved it and I yearn to return. As I tell the story I was happily sitting in my lawn chair, at Christina Lake, with my grandson in my lap when I got the fateful call.


He said, “Dwayne, can you come give us a hand”. Hmmm, what would I be gaining vs what would I be giving up??

Dragon's cape
I'll be back....
Sittin' by the fire

You tell me, what did I gain and what did I give up?

I still put my pants on in the morning, but they’re long, not short. Soon I tell myself, soon.


  1. Lloyd and I were just talking a couple of days ago, wondering when your “temporary” employment in Kamloops would be ending – guess good guys are really hard to find! Will Maureen be joining you if you’re still there when the school year is finished? Take care, keep posting!

  2. I enjoy the way you’re living in the moment Dwayne, always with that look of hope to the future and a fond view of the past. Your “soon” is coming and you’ll appreciate it that much more because of where you’ll be able to look back to.

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