Home, Away from Home – Part 3

Part III – Move to the City

After doing what had to be done to prepare for an extended time away from Castlegar we returned back to Kamloops to do some additional searching around the area. I’m a bit saddened to say but the challenges of finding a place I’d be happy to stay at was indeed a challenge. If they were nice they were largely unfurnished, if they were furnished they were largely ‘not nice’. In the end though we finally found what would become my new home for the next few months, a furnished basement suite in the area of Kamloops called “Juniper Ridge”.

My Place

From that point on I began to develop a love for the clear skies and broad vistas of 1300 Finlay.


Over the coming months I’d take hundreds of photos I’m sure. The changing skies and beautiful sunrises and sunsets provided me with lots of enjoyment.

My work days would be a bit limited the first few weeks however as I’d stipulated before I began that some ‘blackout’ days would occur. We had a few trips planned over the next months and I wasn’t going to change that, after all fun is fun and work is work.

It was our delight to take Madden with us again as well.

On our Adventure

After only a few weeks in Kamloops we departed in early August for a driving vacation through Washington, Oregon, and back into BC. The culmination of that trip would be my nephew’s wedding.

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