Family Tree – Update

Family Tree – Update

For any of you have checked out the Family Tree lately you may have seen some unusual displays of family information. Through my learning curve with the new Family Tree software on this site (TNG) I’ve  broken and fixed the tree more than I care to admit.

The challenges I have experienced so far have had to do with the export of the family tree from Ancestry (Family Tree Maker 2014 to be exact) and the subsequent importing into the Family Tree software (TNG) used on this site ( In my attempts to privatize the information of living individuals I inadvertently saved over the database and lost some information altogether. Long story short I’m still adapting, trying to display as many family members as possible on an open family tree without showing too much private info.

A possible scenario to resolve this would just be to ensure anyone wanting access to the tree would have to log in. That’s not my preference but it may be the best solution in the long run. It would be an inconvenience but hey, life is full of inconveniences.

So after another attempt I may have it right. Check it out, and let me know if you see any information on the living. Remember, if you want to see the full tree you will have to register and get a login and password.

I’d truly be interested in any feedback. Please share your thoughts.

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