Names, Names, and More Names

I think I mentioned earlier that I made contact with a fellow researching the Novak line, how he passed on to me a great deal of research on that side of the family.

Well, I ‘bumped’ into him again the other day, this time regarding a photo of Mary Shebester. The Shebester name is another one of the names that keeps popping up in the research. In this case more than one Shebester married Novaks.

So the plot thickens.

Unfortunately I’m still no closer to finding that link ‘over the pond’, and in fact am considering whether to pass that onto a professional, someone who has skills in that area. Certainly that’s not me, at least not at this point.

Other names that are becoming more prominent are the Taurs and Thomashack (and various spellings). I look forward to seeing where they take me.

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