There’s a Move Afoot

There’s a Move Afoot

As I announced in my last post Change, More Than a Move…. we have begun the process of moving, in fact we are more than half way if my guess is correct. The house is sold and we have purchased a house in Kelowna.

All that happened very quickly as I alluded to in my last post. The offer on our house was accepted within days of being proffered and the week before Easter we went to Kelowna, looked around, and put an offer on a home in Kelowna. After some wrangling it was accepted. We leave our Castlegar home at the end of April and move into our new home the beginning of May.  Exciting times, and more ahead.

As we were hoping to we found a place in a 55+ gated community. I joke that the gates are good, they’ll keep me from wandering too far. The complex is nice though and I think we’ll enjoy it. It is quite a change from ‘public’ living however, being in a strata, and there are sure to be adjustments. The residential area is also nice, and one of the perks is that it’s only about a 15 min. walk to our daughters and grandkids home. It’s maybe a 5 min. walk to the school the kids will ultimately go to and that will be sure to pay dividends in the future.

All in all we are looking forward to it. There will be stress I’m sure but the end result will more than make up for it. Time with family is more valuable than we give it credit for.


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