Hello all, sorry for my tardiness in maintaining active posts. You know, life gets in the way.

My focus over the last couple weeks has been Murphy/Gibeault and related families. These are all on my wife’s side. Primarily I’m just trying to fill in blanks using a book called “Gibeault/Beaudry Family History”.

My sister-in-law Fran(ces) was kind enough to share a number of photos she acquired after my Mother-in-laws passing and I scanned them all to maintain a record. If you know me you know I love photos, particularly old ones.

So in addition to the family history info incorporated in the book there were additional photos. All are photocopies, and not very good either if truth be known, but at least I have access to them. I would really like to share them and my dilemma is how best to do that. I am more than willing to purchase another domain, or happy to use one of mine, but how will I get the best bang for my buck when/if I do that? Facebook is always an option, and I may take advantage of that, but I feel some reservation there. Unfortunately it’s probably the media most likely to attract the most viewers.

I’ve also made contact with the Federspiel/Symons side, the Reeve (wife’s side) and the Reeves side, in addition to a connection to the Gale/Diebert. I hope I haven’t left anyone out. What this means is a rapid infusion of names and family tree member.

I will now have to update the Family tree associated with this site (Family Tree), as it is sadly much out of date. I would like to improve this situation however until I can determine the best way to secure the info of living members I will have to postpone attention. Then there is of course my ADD tendencies which complicate my life when it comes to completing projects started with good intentions, the Family tree being one.

I’m still happy to share the Ancestry tree (Ancestry – Sklapsky Family tree). Unfortunately I think the hoops created by Ancestry when viewers attempt to access the tree are onerous for most. I think joining Ancestry, even though it’s free, prevent casual viewers from taking advantage of the site. That’s the primary purpose of my creating the Family tree attached to this site. The downside is that it creates additional load on me from a maintenance point of view.

Whatever all this means to you is personal. My goal is to provide, yours to access if you choose.

Take care all…..

Just Another Day

The morning started as any other, I awoke, stretched, put on my pants, and pondered what lay ahead. What would my day bring?

While this sounds like the intro to a cheesy novel it is in fact how things began, how it always begins. I know the many hours ahead include work, some adventure, some stress. It’s not without it’s positive moments but lately that isn’t enough.

I swapped one pair of boots for another, but now…..

These boots are made for walking
And that’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these boots
Are gonna walk all over you

[singlepic id=37 w= h= float=left]

[singlepic id=38 w= h= float=right]

I started this adventure in July of last year, the ‘adventure’ being my temporary employment at Domtar, in Kamloops. It was to be a temporary gig, 3 to 6 months they said, until they could find someone to replace me. Rather it was until they found someone to replace me… replace my predecessor. That’s fine I said, I look forward to the change, and the challenge.

This is not to say I wasn’t perfectly happy in my retirement mind you, I loved it and I yearn to return. As I tell the story I was happily sitting in my lawn chair, at Christina Lake, with my grandson in my lap when I got the fateful call.


He said, “Dwayne, can you come give us a hand”. Hmmm, what would I be gaining vs what would I be giving up??

Dragon's cape
I'll be back....
Sittin' by the fire

You tell me, what did I gain and what did I give up?

I still put my pants on in the morning, but they’re long, not short. Soon I tell myself, soon.


Many things have changed since my last entry Dec. 15. I thought it was so much longer ago! Seems like it!

Two of my Uncles, Dave and Buster, passed away mid-year. They were husbands of Sklapsky girls Audrey (Dave) and Verla (Buster).

My Aunt Muriel, Dad’s eldest sister, passed away Oct.10.2014, at the age of 86. (In Memory of Muriel Gale)

My Dad, Dallas, passed away Dec.19.2015 at the age of 84. He had recently been moved into a residential care unit, while there he fell and fractured his hip. His condition declined after surgery.

My Uncle Orval, my Mother’s younger brother, passed Jan.7.2015, at the age of 75 (Orval Olsen Memorial)

They will all be sorely missed.

How Many Directions?

While I’d like to keep any number of my web spaces active it becomes a touch onerous to maintain any level of consistency in my attention to each. Facebook has it’s points, Flickr is nice for some things (photos of course), Google+ is always an option (same as FB), and of course there’s the blogs and webpages I’ve started and let wither away. Oh, woe is me….

Over the years I’ve tried a few different versions of the same thing, different methods for developing a ‘web presence’, various attempts to communicate and at the same time find an outlet for the words I want to say. Too much web presence is likely not a good thing but I’ll try to control myself, and the information I present. This is as good a venue as any I’d say, so let’s try this WordPress site for a while.

I think the secret will be to be quick and dirty in my entries as they say. Keep ’em short, find something at least a little interesting, and hey… throw in a photo or two for those who don’t want to (or can’t) read. This will be my first kick at that proverbial cat.

This site won’t suddenly switch to a ‘Dwayne’s gab fest’, heaven forbid. I will still keep it as a family site and I will continue to look for family info. Perhaps I’ll make some changes to the Galleries to make them more accessible, who knows. So here goes, here’s some pics for those tired of reading.

[singlepic id=12 w= h= float=center][singlepic id=17 w= h= float=left][singlepic id=15 w= h= float=right]

New Photos in the Family Tree

I just updated the Family tree with new photos. If you can see them then I’m afraid you’ll have to register for this site, the tree is password protected to maintain privacy. If you’d like to join just drop me a line.

There is also a link to the tree on the “Sklapsky Reunion” facebook page. You will have to be a member there too if you wish to see the link unfortunately. All about keeping the info safe.

Dad is Moving On

Dad, his ‘wheels’ and new duds

We have just reached another stage in life here, my father (Dallas Sklapsky) has been moved into a residential care home in Castlegar.

For a few years now he has been living alone in an Assisted Living complex in Trail, a town near us, but it has become too much for him. His health declines and he seems to be more and more unable to care for himself acceptably.

I don’t think it inappropriate to say here that he suffers from Dementia (among other age related illnesses), and the disease progresses at it’s own rate, unaffected by those close. Dad still recognizes me but there are times when spouses and grandchildren are forgotten. It is sad to see but it is also life, and we have no choice to accept it.

The photo below was taken a couple years ago.

Love those close while you can.

Been a While

It has been a while and sometimes it seems like I’ve fallen off the face of the earth. In fact it’s been so long I’ve forgotten (almost) how to create a post and add pictures. Bear with me if things are not as pretty as they could be.

My saga here in Kamloops continues. It’s been 3 months now and the period of time the mill requested me for was 3 – 6 months. Half way there. I’ve been asked a number of times to stay on permanently but I don’t think that’s in the cards, at least not at present. Dad isn’t doing well and he couldn’t survive another move.

Maureen is still in Castlegar holding down the fort as it were, and doing a swell job of it too. My brother in law Jake is helping with yard work and his assistance is very much appreciated.

We have a new grandbaby as of May. Her name is Ivy Vivienne, the Viv part in memory of Maureen’s Mom Vivienne. Ayron was especially close to her as a kid.

To move things along I’ll post a few pics and if things go well I’ll see about getting more up soon.

[singlepic id=10 w= h= float=right]

[singlepic id=11 w= h= float=none]