Hello all, sorry for my tardiness in maintaining active posts. You know, life gets in the way. My focus over the last couple weeks has been Murphy/Gibeault and related families. These are all on my wi... Read More

Just Another Day

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The morning started as any other, I awoke, stretched, put on my pants, and pondered what lay ahead. What would my day bring? While this sounds like the intro to a cheesy novel it is in fact how things... Read More

A Few More

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A couple more for practice. Not sure I like this method, somewhat onerous. [singlepic id=31 w= h= float=left] [singlepic id=33 w= h= float=left] [singlepic id=32 w= h= float=left]... Read More


Many things have changed since my last entry Dec. 15. I thought it was so much longer ago! Seems like it! Two of my Uncles, Dave and Buster, passed away mid-year. They were husbands of Sklapsky girls ... Read More