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MinnesotaCousins – links to Hoberg/Ahlness, my Paternal Grandmother’s kin

RootsWeb Family Groupsheet Project

The Saginaw Symons family site
– I’ve tried to contact Liz (the creator of the site) but to date have had no luck. I hope she forgives me for reposting the photos from her site to this one. I’ve left all her comments etc. intact. (I have received an email back from her now, it was good to hear.)


ActaPublica:  This website, funded by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund, holds the digitized records for three Regional Archives of Western (Plzeň) and Central (Prague) Bohemia and Southern Moravian (Brno).  The site will load in Czech, but most browsers offers translation to English.  Once you register, you can begin searching for those all-important parish records of births, marriages and deaths.

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