Pearl Sklapsky-Holben Memoir – written April 22.1989

The municipality of Hillsburg had a paid doctor and the nurse in charge was also paid by the municipality. Mom would be there with them for ten to fourteen days, tending the mother and new baby and the other youngest members of the family. She often helped out with the rest, but her first responsibility was to the mother and new baby. I never once heard a complaint, but many compliments, about the care Mother gave. In fact one stated that she never got the good care in hospital she’d gotten from Mrs. Sklapsky.

She even helped issue in many of her own grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I am sure Mother made a great impression for having been on earth and not only for the newborn but also for the re-born into the Lord’s realm. I’m sure she pointed the “Way of Salvation” to many souls.

Mother was a true Christian rejoicing in her Saviour, being always ready to tell others of God’s great love for all and the supreme price Christ paid for our redemption. John 3:16 was one of her favorite Bible verses. You could tell by her happy face, her actions, and her living, that even though the road was rocky, and the burden heavy, she never resented her life, and was always ready to talk of God’s love and goodness to us, to explain it over a cup of tea, homemade bread and butter and her very famous citron preserves.

I remember a lady named Lainie asked Mother what made her so happy and cheerful. She had as much as Mother, but it didn’t seem to make her happy. It was just a daily drudge. Dishes, beds, garden, children, day in day out slavery, having to wash without decent water, patching, ironing, cleaning. Every day it was the same story. Mother answered her with, “l have a Saviour who gave His life for me, that I may have life eternal, even after death”.

Lainie replied, “Well, tell me all about it. I could use some help, too. How can I get it?” So Mom pointed the way of salvation, repentance and the confession of sins and forgiveness. She accepted Christ then and there and what rejoicing she had! She wanted to thank Mom and Mother told her to go and tell others so we can all rejoice. I am sure Mother has many stars in her crown, which was one of her favorite songs, and I’m sure her stars shine brightly.

Mother talked to me of the time they lived in Michigan when they were first married. She spoke of Dad carrying Lottie to her parents’ place in the middle of the night because his little daughter was lonesome for her Grandma. Even then Lottie could twist her daddy around her little finger. Spoiled? You bet she was! She was never a robust child, being more dreamy and thoughtful, tiring easily and not inclined for mischief as were the others which came later.

Hilda was the second born. A real Tom-boy! She became Mother’s right hand as she was full of zest and ready for action. Young Frank, born in 1900, was also ready to help, especially rocking the later babies. George Tester Sklapsky was another healthy boy to bless Mother and Dad.

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