Linda’s Retelling

This is her list:

– going to Fennels and riding on Dad’s back coming home.
– Lottie and children and car and garden
– going to the garden and hoeing
– Rocking chair from George at a sale.
– My operation for appendix
– Mother going to Krepps’s and coming home in an electrical storm.
– Wilcox’s cattle killed by lightning
– Thelma, Lottie Krepps’s girls and Dad
– Going to visit Hamiltons in the old Ford
– Audrey’s play house in the coal bin
– Frogs in the water trough
– Hilda and the girls and Audrey’s haircut
– tying George’s shoe laces
– riding on the stone boat to get barrels of soft water for washing
– going to a sleigh and the snow melting the trail and leaving high ridges for the sleigh to balance on
– the ice breaking and water coming up
– water running in small gulleys, the horse stopping to drink the clear brownish colored water and me getting almost seasick watching the water running
– breaking the first vegetable bowl and mother saying at least it wasn’t her heart.
– Sandford and Dad making “fireflies” with the blow torch
– walking home from visiting neighbours and seeing fireflies
– going to town with the load of wheat
– sleigh rides in the wagon box with straw
– Drowning out gophers
– the snakes when walking to school in the summer time
– Dolca pie dough
– Mary Jane and the Well
– Shoot the gun!
– Taking the Democrat to Eston, getting so thirsty, stopping at Eberhard’s for water and it being so full of iron
– Going to the river hills on Saskatoon picking expeditions
– Potatoes for breakfast with fried eggs and side pork with coffee and bread
– hearing explosions in the cellar and finding out it was the home brew popping its lids
– Grandma’s Scones
– Boiled wheat
– Doris and the Easter eggs
– leather washers from lifting heavy loads.

The one I wish most she had told me about is:- Mother making bread and chasing the gophers out of it. Doesn’t that sound like an intriguing story? I so regret not starting this history earlier or working on it more while we had time. One other she jotted down I do remember her telling about, and it concerns her niece, Aileen.

The school was having a sports day for the children. She and Aileen, only a few months apart in age, were entered in the races. There was the traditional, “On your marks, get set. Go!” And they were off. Well my mother never was much good at running, and Aileen soon outdistanced her, whereupon Mother stopped and burst into tears. Aileen always was, and likely always will be, a tender hearted soul. She stopped and went back to her Aunt Pearl, took her by the hand and they ran the race together.

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