The End May be Near

While “The End May be Near” can be seen as a somewhat inflammatory title it might also be closer to the truth than I care to think, for the purposes of this website I mean. I feel as if so... Read More

I Am “Home, Again”

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I am Home again, and while catching up on some communications I received a ‘pingback’ from another blog site called Beyond The Baby Book. For those that don’t know a pingback is a ... Read More

Just Another Day

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The morning started as any other, I awoke, stretched, put on my pants, and pondered what lay ahead. What would my day bring? While this sounds like the intro to a cheesy novel it is in fact how things... Read More

Sorry to bother you

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It looks like the blog gods were with me, I’ve been able to get the site back up in a fashion. At this point you may not have a login, that’s something to tackle shortly. That said access ... Read More


My sincere apologies to any who read this. For some reason my website has become corrupted and the appearance has gone into the tank. I’m not sure at this time how it came to be, nor am I sure h... Read More