July – Let the Adventures Begin, Part II

Part II – Job taken

If you recall my previous post we had just decided to make a quick trip to look at a job I (Dwayne) was offered at Domtar…..

Needless to say my abrupt return to the role of gainfully employed was not without it’s challenges. The first of many was a quick trip to Kamloops to complete the formal interview process. While I essentially had the job I felt it prudent to at least go to site and at least see what I was getting myself into. That and my potential employers could size me up and see what they were going to get for their efforts as well.

Our, Maureen and I, first order of business was to de-camp in Christina Lake, where as I said we were comfortably set up and enjoying our visit with Madden. Did I mention it was his first camping trip? And we were so happy to have him, it blessed us with many memories.

At any rate we left the lake and made a quick trip home with the trailer, to drop it and the truck off and to quickly repack for a brief return trip to Kamloops. Some things had to be taken care of first though, one of which was to go see Dad and tell him of our plans. He could see Madden again too which was always a treat for him. (Forgive the photo, it was taken by one of the Care Aides. I don’t think photography was her niche.)

[singlepic id=46 w= h= float=right]

We soon loaded the car and set out for some more fun and adventure. A road trip was in order and Madden was up to the challenge.

Off on our adventure

Our travels to Kamloops led us back through Kelowna where we Had to stop and say Hi to Ivy, our new Grand-daughter. Couldn’t pass up a chance to connect with her again. After all it may be days before we see her again, and you know how young’uns change.

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We started off our visit to Kamloops by finding and setting up shop in a local hotel. We expected to be there a day or two and having left the trailer behind we had no place to stay. Maureen tended to Madden’s needs in the pool or back in the room while I went to the mill for the morning to determine my fate. Madden quickly adapted to the trip and being away from home though, and his behaviour continued to be exceptional throughout the coming week. Bear in mind these are all first times for him as well, and I hope he enjoyed being with us as much as we did with him.

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The rest is history as they say. After hearing the offer and understanding that it was only going to be 3 – 6 months (ya right) I chose to take the job. It was a new adventure for us and now additional plans had to be made. We had to return Madden to his folks, travel yet again back to Castlegar, and prepare for a somewhat longer stay in Kamloops. Finding a place to live there would soon prove to be interesting.

Stay tuned for the next phase….


Many things have changed since my last entry Dec. 15. I thought it was so much longer ago! Seems like it!

Two of my Uncles, Dave and Buster, passed away mid-year. They were husbands of Sklapsky girls Audrey (Dave) and Verla (Buster).

My Aunt Muriel, Dad’s eldest sister, passed away Oct.10.2014, at the age of 86. (In Memory of Muriel Gale)

My Dad, Dallas, passed away Dec.19.2015 at the age of 84. He had recently been moved into a residential care unit, while there he fell and fractured his hip. His condition declined after surgery.

My Uncle Orval, my Mother’s younger brother, passed Jan.7.2015, at the age of 75 (Orval Olsen Memorial)

They will all be sorely missed.

Dad is Moving On

Dad, his ‘wheels’ and new duds

We have just reached another stage in life here, my father (Dallas Sklapsky) has been moved into a residential care home in Castlegar.

For a few years now he has been living alone in an Assisted Living complex in Trail, a town near us, but it has become too much for him. His health declines and he seems to be more and more unable to care for himself acceptably.

I don’t think it inappropriate to say here that he suffers from Dementia (among other age related illnesses), and the disease progresses at it’s own rate, unaffected by those close. Dad still recognizes me but there are times when spouses and grandchildren are forgotten. It is sad to see but it is also life, and we have no choice to accept it.

The photo below was taken a couple years ago.

Love those close while you can.

Been a While

It has been a while and sometimes it seems like I’ve fallen off the face of the earth. In fact it’s been so long I’ve forgotten (almost) how to create a post and add pictures. Bear with me if things are not as pretty as they could be.

My saga here in Kamloops continues. It’s been 3 months now and the period of time the mill requested me for was 3 – 6 months. Half way there. I’ve been asked a number of times to stay on permanently but I don’t think that’s in the cards, at least not at present. Dad isn’t doing well and he couldn’t survive another move.

Maureen is still in Castlegar holding down the fort as it were, and doing a swell job of it too. My brother in law Jake is helping with yard work and his assistance is very much appreciated.

We have a new grandbaby as of May. Her name is Ivy Vivienne, the Viv part in memory of Maureen’s Mom Vivienne. Ayron was especially close to her as a kid.

To move things along I’ll post a few pics and if things go well I’ll see about getting more up soon.

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Coming Soon, to a Blog Near You

Hello again, I hope you are all keeping well.

I just got back a couple days ago from another trip to Kelowna, spending a few days there, bonding with the ‘fam’. You can read about some of it on my last post Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder. I’m constantly amazed how that little guy can affect me.

My focus over the last number of days, since I returned, has been in getting another memoir converted to a digital format for posting on this site. Prior to getting back onto the road I was in touch with Linda Holben-Ducharme (daughter of Pearl Sklapsky-Holben). Linda has graciously allowed me to extract her Mom’s memoir from her book “The Sklapsky Saga – The History of a Family”. The book covers much of the early Sklapsky family history, spanning the early 1800’s to the 1900’s. There are a number of family trees in the book and stories of many of the family members.

One such entry was a memoir that Linda’s Mom wrote. Linda’s Mother is Pearl Sklapsky, the youngest of Frank Joseph Sklapsky Sr.’s 11 children. She relates about their life and covers their move from Michigan to Saskatchewan.

If you would like a copy of the book please contact Linda, she has copies available. You can reach her at lindadyucharme1946(at) hotmail.com, and replace the (at) in the address with @ and put “Sklapsky Saga” in the subject line. You can also contact me and I can send you additional contact information.

Dad and Madden
Dad and Madden

I’m not sure why my current interest with family history but all I can hope is that some day this info will be of use to someone. I guess in many ways it already has, just gotta keep up the momentum.

Dad's new duds
Dad’s new duds

Totally unrelated (in a sense) was one of my visits with Dad. I took him to get some new jeans. He also picked out a stylin’ hoodie. I just thought he looked cute and thought I’d share.