How Many Directions?

While I’d like to keep any number of my web spaces active it becomes a touch onerous to maintain any level of consistency in my attention to each. Facebook has it’s points, Flickr is nice for some things (photos of course), Google+ is always an option (same as FB), and of course there’s the blogs and webpages I’ve started and let wither away. Oh, woe is me….

Over the years I’ve tried a few different versions of the same thing, different methods for developing a ‘web presence’, various attempts to communicate and at the same time find an outlet for the words I want to say. Too much web presence is likely not a good thing but I’ll try to control myself, and the information I present. This is as good a venue as any I’d say, so let’s try this WordPress site for a while.

I think the secret will be to be quick and dirty in my entries as they say. Keep ’em short, find something at least a little interesting, and hey… throw in a photo or two for those who don’t want to (or can’t) read. This will be my first kick at that proverbial cat.

This site won’t suddenly switch to a ‘Dwayne’s gab fest’, heaven forbid. I will still keep it as a family site and I will continue to look for family info. Perhaps I’ll make some changes to the Galleries to make them more accessible, who knows. So here goes, here’s some pics for those tired of reading.

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Working, broken, Fixed, broken, Working???

This website has seen a few ups and downs in the last few months. In reality it has not only been this site that’s presented challenges, I have also had some moments. It’s been nothing too serious mind you, just normal ups and downs, but they took my focus away. I’m here now though so that’s a plus.

spending time here
spending time here

As I said the site became messed up a few weeks ago. That’s a technical term for unusable. The incorrect (old) pages would come up and none of the menus worked.I was able to resolve it, with a little help from my domain hosting company HostPapa, and I got it back into a working order of sorts a week or so ago. Things proceeded slowly toward normal until I broke it again a few days ago. Thankfully I figured out what happened and fixed it within minutes. Hopefully we are good now.

I’m happy to say the Facebook group page “Sklapsky Reunion” is attracting quite a bit of attention. I had mentioned it previously in a post titled Sklapsky Reunion Facebook page. Catchy title eh? The downside is you have to belong to Facebook, I don’t say ‘belong’ lightly because that’s what happens. Ultimately you can belong to Facebook, as in they ‘own’ you. That notwithstanding I think FB has some merits and that is one of them, the ability to connect diverse groups.

As a result of that connection I have some new family friends. I’ve learned a great deal about some of the branches of our family tree and expect to learn more. Hang in there, as promised more info will come.

Sklapsky Reunion Facebook page

I’m on a Facebook page called the Sklapsky Reunion. It was started a few years ago by Taya Sklapsky for the purpose of getting the younger Sklapsky relates together for a reunion. Something happened over time and the page died off. I resurrected it a few months ago and it took off. There are 50 members now.

These are all Sklapsky or Sklapsky kin so you all apply. If you are interested go to “Sklapsky Reunion” on Facebook and ask to join, or give me your Facebook name and I’ll add you. The link below ‘should’ take you there (if you are a Facebook member).

Activity on the Facebook site – New article

Lots of new activity on the Sklapsky Reunion site on Facebook. I think there’s 50 members now, an excellent turnout. If you want to join let me know.

I was going through some old genealogy files the other night and came across another article photocopied from a book. I don’t know which book as yet but the write-up was prepared by Lottie Sklapsky-Krepps, or “Mrs. George E. Krepps” as described in the text. I will get it posted in the next day or so.