Did I Say “Change”?

Well it’s been a busy time, and one not without some good and bad. Maybe disappointing is better – not bad.

I went to Kelowna a week or so ago with a purpose in mind. Yes, I know my purpose was to see my daughter and family but a secondary purpose was to see my Great-Aunt Aurla and other relatives. She, Aurla, is Charles Reeves youngest daughter. For those of you who just dropped in Charles is my paternal grandmother’s father. If you log-in to the family tree (soon to be online) you will be able to see the lineage.


Unfortunately, for reasons I don’t completely understand, we were unable to connect. In fact I wasn’t able to see any of the family who were present in Kelowna that week. I was, and am, disappointed of course. But c’est la vie, hopefully there will be other such opportunities.

On a positive note though I did hear from Aurla on her return home. She has graciously allowed me to repost the Charles Walter Reeves memoir. This is under the proviso that the memoir be accessible only to family, not the general public as it was before. This is more than fair, and one I had considered prior to it’s removal from the sklapsky.ca site.

So, where is this ‘family’ portion of the site you may ask? Well, it should be up shortly, maybe as soon as tonight (Sept.18), and I’ll post a notification to that effect once it goes live. Hopefully there won’t be too many glitches along the way. In addition to the memoir there will be access to a family tree with some, shall we say, more personal information regarding those on the tree. I look forward to any feedback.

Once I get the ‘family’ side of the site available you will only be able to get in by using a log-in name and password. I can assign such (likely) or perhaps allow those interested to choose their own. Let’s see how it shakes out……..

Just a quick note…

Just a quickie update to say I’ve made contact with some more cousins. This time they are on the Sklapsky side, all kin of my Grandfather’s (Frank Sklapsky’s) brother Norman Sklapsky. Most live in Prince Rupert.

I look forward to picking their brains. Already some of the blanks in my family tree are becoming filled.

New “Old” Photos Added

Some progress has been made on the genealogy front with the addition of  new ‘old’ photos to the Photo Gallery. For those of you that are not aware of this feature you can click on the words “Photo Gallery” in the menu at the top of any of the website pages, in this case the Blog page. That will take you to the website location where all the photos are stored. There are Madden photos as well as Genealogy photos. As with the blog and website in general it is a dynamic site, that is the photos may change a bit over time, if I do some cataloging or adjustments to the pictures.

As I’ve mentioned before I got many photos from family that I’ve scanned and begun organizing. In some cases I’m not really sure who the family is in the picture, with that I’d like some help and feedback. Also some of the photos seen in this post may not (or may) be seen in the Photo Gallery yet.

In this case I know who this is in the photo below. I always have a warm feeling looking at old pics. Where the picture was taken I’m not sure.

Bernice (Grandma) Sklapsky and her sister Aunt Eleanor
Bernice (Grandma) Sklapsky and her sister, my Great-Aunt Eleanor (Renshaw)

Another photo I like is:

Sklapsky Family
Sklapsky Family – left to right: Audrey, Verla, George, Bernice, Lou, Dallas, and Gene kneeling

These folks I know. Unfortunately Aunt Muriel (Gale) is absent.

(Grandpa) Frank Sklapsky and ??
(Grandpa) Frank Sklapsky and ??

This one above is of course my Grandfather Frank, my Dad’s dad. I’m not sure who the young girl is.

I’ll put a few more in a collage below. Just click on the photos to enlarge.

This was only a fraction of the photos I’ve scanned. I will continue to add and update. I should also add I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on updating the family tree which includes Sklapsky, Reeves, Olsen and a number of others. I’m not sure how wide I’ll go at this time. This research is done and recorded online on a site called Ancestry.ca. I’m not sure at this time how visible the site is to those who aren’t members of Ancestry.ca. I’ll look into making it more widely visible.

As always any comments are appreciated.

Visit with Noreen

I just got back with another visit from my cousin Noreen, she’s my first cousin 1x removed, on my paternal grandmother’s side. The only way I know the specifics is by using a genealogy program to tell me. I’m not that smart.

Noreen and Stewart
Noreen and Stewart

She and her husband Stewart are very accommodating and gracious hosts. Each time we visit we talk family and the history of such, and each time I have come away with more photos to scan. On my last visit, prior to this one, I went home with a bag and box of photos and ended up getting about 125 old shots of many family members. This time I collected a few more.

To be honest some of the folks in the pictures I don’t know, and that’s where I will need to rely on other family to assist. Over time I’ll get them all cataloged and organized and will have most, if not all of the photos, in the gallery.

This project, the family history collection and family tree, has become an entity unto itself. While I thoroughly enjoy it, and get some fulfillment from it, the consumption of time is beyond what I expected. I’m not complaining though, it’s also brought me much enjoyment and I’m gratified to see that people are checking it out.

Noreen gave me some suggestions as to other possible photo collections so don’t be surprised if some day I come-a knockin’. Failing that I may be asking some of you to do some scanning for me. That’s once I get my plate cleaned off a bit first.

Have a great day.

Lineage for Maureen

Here’s the lineage for Maureen. Not quite as complete but the information gathering exercise can be a bit onerous. If you have any additional info please share.

Lineage Chart for Maureen Murphy-Sklapsky

Patricia MURPHY
Michael MURPHY
Frances MURPHY
Maureen Michelle MURPHY

Francis Edwin MURPHY (Father)

Vivianne Helena GIBEAULT (Mother)

Leslie Michael MURPHY (Grandfather)
b. 31 Oct 1881, Silver Hill, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada
m. 1922, Calgary, AB, Canada
d. 21 Oct 1964, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Amelia Louise LIBKE (Grandmother)
b. 21 Feb 1905, Edmonton, AB, Canada
d. 24 Mar 1977, , Alberta, Canada

John MURPHY (Great-Grandfather)

Elsie Elizabeth FORBES (Great-Grandmother)
b. 15 Jan 1842, Banffshire, Scotland
d. 1911, Silver Hill, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada

Patrick MURPHY (2nd Great-Grandfather)
b. 1 Mar 1817, , County Kerry, Ireland
m. 12 Feb 1839, St. Mary’s Church, Milltown, Ireland
d. 2 Mar 1886, Silver Hill, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada

Nancy Anne MORIARTY (2nd Great-Grandmother)
b. 1 Jan 1818, , County Kerry, Ireland
d. 21 Oct 1886, Silver Hill, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada

Patrick MURPHY Sr. (3rd Great-Grandfather)

Mary LATCHFORD (3rd Great-Grandmother)

Sklapsky Family Lineage

Ok, here’s something a little different. I recognize that I have been a tad remiss in including any family information on this “Sklapsky family” site. To rectify that I generated a “Lineage Chart” for me and posted it below. This is a listing of my direct ancestors up the Sklapsky side, starting with me as 1, my Dad as 2, his Dad 3 etc.. If you see any of your kin on here you’ll know where you fit in.

I will likely do the same for Maureen’s side, and may expand on some of the family members. I have to think about the process though, to see what will work best.

This method of information is somewhat like I envisioned when I created the site, however I am still quite cognizant of privacy and need to be careful of what information is divulged.

I also created a page for this and put it under the “Genealogy” heading in the menu.

Lineage Chart for Dwayne Sklapsky

Dwayne Cameron SKLAPSKY
Brenda Elayne SKLAPSKY

Muriel Joyce SKLAPSKY
Dallas Ray SKLAPSKY (Father)
Audrey SKLAPSKY (1938- )

Janna Alice OLSEN (Mother)

Sharlotte May SKLAPSKY (1896-Abt 1970)
Hilda Lillian SKLAPSKY (1898-1976)
Frank Joseph SKLAPSKY Jr. (Grandfather)
b. 4 Jun 1900, Flint, Michigan, USA
d. Abt 1971, Berwyn, Alberta, Canada
George Tester SKLAPSKY (1902-1960)
John S. (baby) SKLAPSKY (1904-1905)
Virgel Stuart SKLAPSKY (1905-1980)
Thelma SKLAPSKY (1907-1957)
Fred Martin SKLAPSKY (1909-1995)
Norman Byrnes (Hans) SKLAPSKY (1911-1963)
Bainard Vernon SKLAPSKY (1915-1983)
Pearl Norma SKLAPSKY (1917-1995)

Bernice Gertrude REEVES (Grandmother)
b. 18 Feb 1907, Hildreth, , Nebraska, USA
d. 14 May 1994, Peace River, Alberta, Canada

Frank Joseph SKLAPSKY Sr. (Great-Grandfather)
b. 12 Mar 1874, East Saginaw, Michigan, USA
m. 2 Mar 1895
d. 28 Mar 1958
Frederick SKLAPSKY (1876-1879)
Jenny SKLAPSKY (1878-1917)
Anna Olive SKLAPSKY (1881-1966)

Arletta Levisea TESTER (Great-Grandmother)
b. 22 Sep 1877, , ON, Canada

Joseph SKLAPSKY (2nd Great-Grandfather)
b. Jul 1850, , , Germany
m. 20 Apr 1873, East Saginaw, Michigan, USA
d. 7 May 1895

Mary Ann NOVAK (2nd Great-Grandmother)

The Holidays Are Over

With Christmas and New Years behind us things are beginning to get back to normal. Moze (Maureen) is still off work and will be for the foreseeable future. Her Achilles’ tendon is taking its sweet time healing and the physio and massage treatments are causing her more discomfort than she can stand. That and being cooped up are taking their toll.

I’ve been playing with this blog a bit, fine-tuning and tweaking, nothing substantial just cosmetics. I will play with the website too and upload more photos. So many things I want to do, so little time.

Photo 2011-12-12 5 38 53 PMI also spend some time on the “MurielsKids” site, a MyFamily.com site primarily dealing with the Gale side of the family.  The matriarch of that side is my Aunt Muriel, who is my Dad’s (Dallas Sklapsky) sister.  She married a Gale and it’s that branch of the family that is most connected on the site.

I enjoy keeping in touch with that brance and would like to maintain a connection with all the family.  Just need to find more, there is a lot.

To that end I’ve begun doing some more research and entering names into a genealogical software package.  Any info anyone has to share please speak up!!

Chugging along

Slow progress with website admin, or seems like it to me. Still working at it.  My current issue is placing hyperlinks on the blog and gallery to take users back to sklapsky.ca

I installed a plugin called Piwigo that should help insert photos or galleries into posts.  Let’s see where that goes.

I joined FamilyTree.com yesterday, more specifically the “Muriel’s kids” site. This is primarily the Gale side of our family, the Gale’s being kids of Muriel Gale (nee Sklapsky). Lot’s of info. I am feeling the need to keep in touch with family more and this is one good way to do it.