Mom’s away

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Mom is out of town now, actually has been for some time. Away from home as it were. She is helping care for her brother Orval in New Westminster.  Here’s a post she wrote about his life, and he... Read More

Busy Summer So Far

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Many apologies for the gap between my posts, it’s been an action packed summer and there’s been either little time available, or a diminishing energy in the available time, to sit down and... Read More

I’m Baaaack

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Like the prodigal son I’ve returned home. I brought Mom back from Edmonton yesterday and because my sister Brenda is doing so much better we felt now was the time. Brenda woke up on Friday and w... Read More

Nice visit

It’s been a great few days, filled with family and love. This is what ‘life’ is supposed to be I think, and retirement is supporting that. I’ll post more when I get home but fo... Read More