Sklapsky Family Lineage

Ok, here’s something a little different. I recognize that I have been a tad remiss in including any family information on this “Sklapsky family” site. To rectify that I generated a “Lineage Chart” for me and posted it below. This is a listing of my direct ancestors up the Sklapsky side, starting with me as 1, my Dad as 2, his Dad 3 etc.. If you see any of your kin on here you’ll know where you fit in.

I will likely do the same for Maureen’s side, and may expand on some of the family members. I have to think about the process though, to see what will work best.

This method of information is somewhat like I envisioned when I created the site, however I am still quite cognizant of privacy and need to be careful of what information is divulged.

I also created a page for this and put it under the “Genealogy” heading in the menu.

Lineage Chart for Dwayne Sklapsky

Dwayne Cameron SKLAPSKY
Brenda Elayne SKLAPSKY

Muriel Joyce SKLAPSKY
Dallas Ray SKLAPSKY (Father)
Audrey SKLAPSKY (1938- )

Janna Alice OLSEN (Mother)

Sharlotte May SKLAPSKY (1896-Abt 1970)
Hilda Lillian SKLAPSKY (1898-1976)
Frank Joseph SKLAPSKY Jr. (Grandfather)
b. 4 Jun 1900, Flint, Michigan, USA
d. Abt 1971, Berwyn, Alberta, Canada
George Tester SKLAPSKY (1902-1960)
John S. (baby) SKLAPSKY (1904-1905)
Virgel Stuart SKLAPSKY (1905-1980)
Thelma SKLAPSKY (1907-1957)
Fred Martin SKLAPSKY (1909-1995)
Norman Byrnes (Hans) SKLAPSKY (1911-1963)
Bainard Vernon SKLAPSKY (1915-1983)
Pearl Norma SKLAPSKY (1917-1995)

Bernice Gertrude REEVES (Grandmother)
b. 18 Feb 1907, Hildreth, , Nebraska, USA
d. 14 May 1994, Peace River, Alberta, Canada

Frank Joseph SKLAPSKY Sr. (Great-Grandfather)
b. 12 Mar 1874, East Saginaw, Michigan, USA
m. 2 Mar 1895
d. 28 Mar 1958
Frederick SKLAPSKY (1876-1879)
Jenny SKLAPSKY (1878-1917)
Anna Olive SKLAPSKY (1881-1966)

Arletta Levisea TESTER (Great-Grandmother)
b. 22 Sep 1877, , ON, Canada

Joseph SKLAPSKY (2nd Great-Grandfather)
b. Jul 1850, , , Germany
m. 20 Apr 1873, East Saginaw, Michigan, USA
d. 7 May 1895

Mary Ann NOVAK (2nd Great-Grandmother)

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day (or 3) in My Life

I don’t know if we can do more than one day in our lives but here’s a few shots over the Easter weekend.

These first photos were taken on Good Friday, the day family started to arrive.

On Saturday more events were planned, culminating with a family dinner. Some of the photos were taken by Misty, my niece.

Sunday was the sweet finish to the ‘long’ weekend. We began with an Easter egg hunt for the kids and finished off with a great wiener roast and all the fixins’. Home made perogies and potato salad (Grandma S. recipe) were on hand, along with the smokies and dogs. My favourite cookie dessert and a fruit platter finished it off. Too bad I never got pictures of the food.

Old Family photos, New Family photos

I just added a few more Old Family photos to the Genealogy folder in the Gallery. Some you may have seen before.

I have a number of photos I downloaded for the Federspiel family, among others, but have not posted those yet. Until I get some family trees put onto this site they likely won’t mean much to anyone. I still have to wrap my head around how we are all connected, whether Reeves, Novak, Federspiel, Lott, or whomever. It’s become a large family.

So look at your leisure, I’ll post more when they’re organized.

I also put up some photos from Madden’s 1st birthday.

Visit with the Fam’

We are visiting our daughter and family again, can’t ever seem to get enough, especially with my grandson and lil buddy Madden. We had some great bonding time today, we went for a walk and even though it was cold enough to see your breath the chance to hang with the ‘Mad” made it worthwhile. I tell you, he warms the cockles of my heart.

20130126-210800.jpgWe’ll be back home tomorrow and take up life where we left off. I’ll get back to the routines of reading, writing, and relaxin’, sorry no ‘rithmatic.

I shall try to accomplish some of those tasks that have fallen through the cracks, that of updating the photos in the gallery, adding more pages of Charles Reeves memoir, and just generally trying to do a little bit of everything. The fun and games never ends, so much to do and so little time.

The weather here has been so so, better than many years in the past but not as good as some, and certainly not as nice as other areas of BC or Alberta. It’s the sun I miss, the inspiration and invigoration it gives me. It chases away the winter blahs and perks me up. I am so looking forward to spring, and I know it’s not good to wish away you life but come on I need some sun. Soon I’m told, soon.
grandmother, grandson, love

Update to Genealogy Research

Progress has been a tad slow on the genealogy front, although I have made a few contacts and avenues I can pursue. My challenge is that I have too many interests in life and go in too many directions at once.

I’m still trying to connect the dots from Joseph Sklapsky’s arrival here in North America to his departure country in Europe. One of the genealogy sites I visit has provided a contact that is very helpful with both ideas and European resource websites I can use to follow the clues. See the Blog page “Links to Genealogy Sites” for those sites.

I’m also fortunate enough to make contact with a couple other family members (Fay and Angel) that are doing, or have done, research on different “branches” of the Sklapsky tree.  Stay tuned to see where that leads.

The Holidays Are Over

With Christmas and New Years behind us things are beginning to get back to normal. Moze (Maureen) is still off work and will be for the foreseeable future. Her Achilles’ tendon is taking its sweet time healing and the physio and massage treatments are causing her more discomfort than she can stand. That and being cooped up are taking their toll.

I’ve been playing with this blog a bit, fine-tuning and tweaking, nothing substantial just cosmetics. I will play with the website too and upload more photos. So many things I want to do, so little time.

Photo 2011-12-12 5 38 53 PMI also spend some time on the “MurielsKids” site, a site primarily dealing with the Gale side of the family.  The matriarch of that side is my Aunt Muriel, who is my Dad’s (Dallas Sklapsky) sister.  She married a Gale and it’s that branch of the family that is most connected on the site.

I enjoy keeping in touch with that brance and would like to maintain a connection with all the family.  Just need to find more, there is a lot.

To that end I’ve begun doing some more research and entering names into a genealogical software package.  Any info anyone has to share please speak up!!

Betwixt and Between

Here we are, the middle of the Christmas/New Years holiday season with no place to go. It ain’t so bad though, it’s not like I have a shortage of things to do. One thing I’m not and that’s bored.

[PiwigoPress id=553 url=’’ size=’sm’ desc=1 class=’alignleft’ img-shadow]Our company has left the building, the kids have gone home.  Our daughter Ayron and family were here for 3 days and while I enjoyed their company it was an action packed time.  Perhaps not so action packed as many others have had during the holiday but for me anything that removes me from my chair for more than a couple hours constitutes ‘action’.

Now that makes it sound like I’m a lazy sloth, and don’t worry I’ve felt that myself on more than a few occasions. I should truly adopt increased physical fitness as one of my New Years resolutions but realistically I’m not a big believer in that concept (resolutions, not fitness). My retirement will have to bring all manner of change to my life if I want to survive past my 60th birthday.

I pick that age rather arbitrarily, could be 65 or 75 for that matter.  The bottom line is life is about change and I intend to live ‘life’, thus must change.  That would include not only improving my physical fitness but also my mental acuity and cognitive functions. My use of big words helps me in that regard, LOL.

At any rate the holidays are almost passed.  We have a number of movies to watch, I have tons of web site and gallery development to do, LOTS of books, and even a smattering of crosswords.  Maureen (my wife) has her interests to occupy her time and together we may see a movie or two.

Tonight it’s Colander. For those not ‘in the know’ Colander is a local legend, an Italian restaurant that’s been operating for 30+ years.  An addiction for those who’ve sampled her wares, a treat for those who haven’t.

So signing off for now. Please leave any comments if you feel so inclined, I’m always up for suggestions.