Visit with Noreen

I just got back with another visit from my cousin Noreen, she’s my first cousin 1x removed, on my paternal grandmother’s side. The only way I know the specifics is by using a genealogy program to tell me. I’m not that smart.

Noreen and Stewart
Noreen and Stewart

She and her husband Stewart are very accommodating and gracious hosts. Each time we visit we talk family and the history of such, and each time I have come away with more photos to scan. On my last visit, prior to this one, I went home with a bag and box of photos and ended up getting about 125 old shots of many family members. This time I collected a few more.

To be honest some of the folks in the pictures I don’t know, and that’s where I will need to rely on other family to assist. Over time I’ll get them all cataloged and organized and will have most, if not all of the photos, in the gallery.

This project, the family history collection and family tree, has become an entity unto itself. While I thoroughly enjoy it, and get some fulfillment from it, the consumption of time is beyond what I expected. I’m not complaining though, it’s also brought me much enjoyment and I’m gratified to see that people are checking it out.

Noreen gave me some suggestions as to other possible photo collections so don’t be surprised if some day I come-a knockin’. Failing that I may be asking some of you to do some scanning for me. That’s once I get my plate cleaned off a bit first.

Have a great day.

Spring is around the corner – time for some macro photography

I can feel spring in the air, most days at least. It was below 0° C this morning and only warmed up to about +5 or 6. Still too cold to spend much time outside. I did forge ahead the other day though, while the sun was still shining.

I picked up some extension tubes on my last trip to Kelowna. They are used to magnify objects, things you want to take close up pictures of (macro photography). Being that it’s a tad too cold to be outside I thought I’d take some photos indoors.  It’s all about the practice isn’t it?

fern, macro, extension tubes
Close up of fern

The photo above was a hand-held shot and one thing that jumped out at me right away was the really shallow depth of field.

macro of Angel face
macro of Angel face

This photo, above, was of a small angel’s face. Again depth of field is interesting. I think there may be some challenges when using these tubes. I tried a similar shot using Aperture priority however it wasn’t appropriate without a tripod, and the shot was too blurry to use. Note to self, use tripod whenever possible if using extension tubes.

On the other hand the shot below is of one of my Coleus, using a tripod but with one of my zooms, no tubes. I was about 3 – 4 feet from the plant. There’s still a depth of field issue, but probably not as bad as with the tubes.

Coleus leaves
Coleus, up close and personal

Still a pretty picture though.

Old Family photos, New Family photos

I just added a few more Old Family photos to the Genealogy folder in the Gallery. Some you may have seen before.

I have a number of photos I downloaded for the Federspiel family, among others, but have not posted those yet. Until I get some family trees put onto this site they likely won’t mean much to anyone. I still have to wrap my head around how we are all connected, whether Reeves, Novak, Federspiel, Lott, or whomever. It’s become a large family.

So look at your leisure, I’ll post more when they’re organized.

I also put up some photos from Madden’s 1st birthday.

Whew, Changes made to Blog Site and No Problems, yet….

Well the site has been ‘morphed’, the old webpages (built using the software provided by the domain host) are now defunct and the site is run basically on the WordPress platform, except for the Gallery of course.

This process, of moving the existing blog site to become the website at, was done using documentation in a WordPress codex called Giving WordPress Its Own Directory. The location change from to went pretty smoothly and to see what bugs I might encounter I did a trial run on another of my sites.

The hardest part was moving/copying the page info into appropriate pages/posts of the WordPress site. For the most part I think it’s done, although there may still be some small tweaking req’d.


News, is still a page with the info from the ‘old’ site moved into a fresh page.

About, has also been copied to a new location, called “Another About”.

There may be some details I’ve yet to clean up so I hope I don’t break anything in the process.

No Action

According to Google Analytics there has been virtually NO traffic on either the Blog or website. There have been a few hits on the Gallery, I suspect originating in Kelowna.

In order to determine shortcomings of each of those sites I’ve been looking at the whole SEO (Search Engine Optimization) thing, looking for ways to improve the site and increase traffic. First off you have to make an interesting site, I think this is at least in part where I fall down.

Obviously there is work to do.

Blog is proceeding

Jan.14.13 07:36 pm

I know I said I wouldn’t post here but in the interests of time I’ll say the blog is proceeding,

I am trying to post there somewhat regularly. I am still trying to wrap my head around the best way to put information out there without becoming an onerous task for me.

I am still considering morphing the blog into the website, or visa versa, to minimize the number of pages and streamline the editing process.I am also “waaayyy” behind in posting photos in the gallery. It appears to be working ok although until I get a larger number of photos in the “public” gallery there won’t be too much to see.

Snowy weather

The snow has assaulted us for the last few days. There has been a reprieve this morning but the piles of un-shovelled snow from previous dumps has beckoned me. Unfortunately my back is telling me that I’m not as young and virile (well, at least young) as I used to be.  Continued bombardment with exercise has enabled my aches to announce themselves, subtly if nothing else.

Accumulation of snow on our deck, with flowers blooming

I took this picture of the snow accumulation out on our deck.  I believe it was about 14+ inches, and that was over 3 days.  As you can see in the photo we still have flowers on the deck.  We do have awesome green thumbs after-all.

Clearing of this snow will be another of those tasks on the “to-do list”, as if there isn’t enough of those.  I seem to create as many jobs as I clear off, and I thought retirement would enable me to make the list disappear, by completing all those things that’ve hung over my head for years.  Time will tell I guess.

Website –

As far as the site goes I’ve made more progress on the Piwigo ‘Gallery‘, uploading hundreds of photos and trying to learn enough to begin generating log-ins and access for general users.  After all it does no good to have a gallery if nobody can see it.  At this time only my daughter Ayron, her husband Stefan, and my wife have full access.  Of course I have to sort the photos in the gallery in some fashion too, by determining which can/should be seen by John Q Public and which should not.  Another brick in my wall.

So as usual I’d love to hear from someone, anyone, if they’ve seen any of this stuff.  In the big picture perhaps it doesn’t matter, but realistically I think it does (at least to me).



Another Late One

Dec.15.12 11:48 pm

Well…., another late one. It’s not that I work on this all day/night, just that I tend to start later in the day and don’t get finished until at night.

I’ve updated the theme to something I like more, I hope you do too. It’s a tad dark so I may tune that up somehow but at least now it fills the page and looks more like a normal website. I’ve also tuned up some of the headers, titles, links, graphics, and I’m much more pleased. Aren’t you happy too?

  1. I deleted the ‘Updates’ page and menu link and added a ‘Gallery’ link, both in the top menu bar. There is little in the Gallery now but that will change.
  2. Fair warning here and now, this ‘News’ page likely won’t be updated much after this. I am going to start working on the blog, reached of course from the ‘Blog’ link on the main menu bar. Hopefully the menu bar remains where it is in any future themes I may apply to the site. That being said see you on the Blog.

Website Taking Shape

Nov.27.12 11:03 pm

I can see this is taking the shape of a blog, which is not the original intent but ok. I’ve not pursued any web updates lately as I’ve just been too busy with retired life. Sad but true.

I still want to upgrade and utilize some variety of gallery software and whether that is something provided free from my hosting site or a product I purchase I don’t know. I’ve looked at a product called jAlbum, which is promising, but there are a number of free products offered through HostPapa also. They host this site so if they seem appropriate I’d like to use one of those packages.

I can see there is still an issue with the date that displays in the top right of the page. As I look at it now it shows the 28th but it is only the 27th. It’s late on the 27th but still the 27th. I assume it’s a time zone issue and I’ll check into it.

We are off to Hawaii on Thursday, tomorrow being Wed., and we’ll leave for Kelowna tomorrow and off to Honolulu early Thursday morning. Obviously I’m not so dedicated as to do much on here in that time. I may, but who knows.