Visit with Noreen

I just got back with another visit from my cousin Noreen, she’s my first cousin 1x removed, on my paternal grandmother’s side. The only way I know the specifics is by using a genealogy program to tell me. I’m not that smart.

Noreen and Stewart
Noreen and Stewart

She and her husband Stewart are very accommodating and gracious hosts. Each time we visit we talk family and the history of such, and each time I have come away with more photos to scan. On my last visit, prior to this one, I went home with a bag and box of photos and ended up getting about 125 old shots of many family members. This time I collected a few more.

To be honest some of the folks in the pictures I don’t know, and that’s where I will need to rely on other family to assist. Over time I’ll get them all cataloged and organized and will have most, if not all of the photos, in the gallery.

This project, the family history collection and family tree, has become an entity unto itself. While I thoroughly enjoy it, and get some fulfillment from it, the consumption of time is beyond what I expected. I’m not complaining though, it’s also brought me much enjoyment and I’m gratified to see that people are checking it out.

Noreen gave me some suggestions as to other possible photo collections so don’t be surprised if some day I come-a knockin’. Failing that I may be asking some of you to do some scanning for me. That’s once I get my plate cleaned off a bit first.

Have a great day.

A Stroll Through the Past

My stroll through the past continues. Yesterday I took a mental-health day and I used my time to look through some old photos of Noreen’s and scan those appropriate for my trip through history. I can’t describe how nostalgic it made me feel.

One photo in particular struck me, of the hundreds I viewed and scanned, and it was of Aunt Eleanor with a young girl. That little lady is probably well-grown now and likely has kids of her own. If you know who it is please let me know. I will ask Noreen as well, could be her daughter, or grand-daughter.

The photo caught me by surprise in a couple of ways, in the likeness of Aunt Eleanor and how I remember her best, and in my reaction to it. To say I was touched was a wild understatement. I was happy, and sad, at the same time.

Aunt Eleanor with friend

So many of the photos I looked at brought out some emotions in me, whether curiosity or sadness, happiness or delight. Almost all took me on a trip through time. I traveled to places I know not, to a time before my own, in some cases to visit family I never had the pleasure to meet.

Perhaps that is part of my yearning, to re-meet those I haven’t seen for so long, and to become acquainted with those I’ve never met. Perhaps it’s that clock within me that’s ticking away, telling me that so much time has passed and I should, no, NEED, to see those we call kin. Too much of the importance of family has been lost.

I suspect if we ask most people under 30, maybe even those under 40 or 50, if they see importance in history they likely reply with a no. I’m not talking Roman history or the history of civilization. I’m referring to family history. Something that was once taught and passed down through generations. It was part of our oral traditions.

Now that dialogue and the associated history is becoming less than a memory except for some. In our passage there’s becoming fewer and fewer to walk with, fewer to stroll through the past with. Where has that history, that story, gone? I’m feeling lost.

Nice visit

It’s been a great few days, filled with family and love. This is what ‘life’ is supposed to be I think, and retirement is supporting that.

I’ll post more when I get home but for now I’ll say I had another nice visit with cousin Noreen and her husband Stewart.

I came away not only with a great memory but a bag full of photos to scan and put on the site. I look forward to posting them for you.

Lineage for Maureen

Here’s the lineage for Maureen. Not quite as complete but the information gathering exercise can be a bit onerous. If you have any additional info please share.

Lineage Chart for Maureen Murphy-Sklapsky

Patricia MURPHY
Michael MURPHY
Frances MURPHY
Maureen Michelle MURPHY

Francis Edwin MURPHY (Father)

Vivianne Helena GIBEAULT (Mother)

Leslie Michael MURPHY (Grandfather)
b. 31 Oct 1881, Silver Hill, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada
m. 1922, Calgary, AB, Canada
d. 21 Oct 1964, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Amelia Louise LIBKE (Grandmother)
b. 21 Feb 1905, Edmonton, AB, Canada
d. 24 Mar 1977, , Alberta, Canada

John MURPHY (Great-Grandfather)

Elsie Elizabeth FORBES (Great-Grandmother)
b. 15 Jan 1842, Banffshire, Scotland
d. 1911, Silver Hill, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada

Patrick MURPHY (2nd Great-Grandfather)
b. 1 Mar 1817, , County Kerry, Ireland
m. 12 Feb 1839, St. Mary’s Church, Milltown, Ireland
d. 2 Mar 1886, Silver Hill, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada

Nancy Anne MORIARTY (2nd Great-Grandmother)
b. 1 Jan 1818, , County Kerry, Ireland
d. 21 Oct 1886, Silver Hill, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada

Patrick MURPHY Sr. (3rd Great-Grandfather)

Mary LATCHFORD (3rd Great-Grandmother)

Sklapsky Family Lineage

Ok, here’s something a little different. I recognize that I have been a tad remiss in including any family information on this “Sklapsky family” site. To rectify that I generated a “Lineage Chart” for me and posted it below. This is a listing of my direct ancestors up the Sklapsky side, starting with me as 1, my Dad as 2, his Dad 3 etc.. If you see any of your kin on here you’ll know where you fit in.

I will likely do the same for Maureen’s side, and may expand on some of the family members. I have to think about the process though, to see what will work best.

This method of information is somewhat like I envisioned when I created the site, however I am still quite cognizant of privacy and need to be careful of what information is divulged.

I also created a page for this and put it under the “Genealogy” heading in the menu.

Lineage Chart for Dwayne Sklapsky

Dwayne Cameron SKLAPSKY
Brenda Elayne SKLAPSKY

Muriel Joyce SKLAPSKY
Dallas Ray SKLAPSKY (Father)
Audrey SKLAPSKY (1938- )

Janna Alice OLSEN (Mother)

Sharlotte May SKLAPSKY (1896-Abt 1970)
Hilda Lillian SKLAPSKY (1898-1976)
Frank Joseph SKLAPSKY Jr. (Grandfather)
b. 4 Jun 1900, Flint, Michigan, USA
d. Abt 1971, Berwyn, Alberta, Canada
George Tester SKLAPSKY (1902-1960)
John S. (baby) SKLAPSKY (1904-1905)
Virgel Stuart SKLAPSKY (1905-1980)
Thelma SKLAPSKY (1907-1957)
Fred Martin SKLAPSKY (1909-1995)
Norman Byrnes (Hans) SKLAPSKY (1911-1963)
Bainard Vernon SKLAPSKY (1915-1983)
Pearl Norma SKLAPSKY (1917-1995)

Bernice Gertrude REEVES (Grandmother)
b. 18 Feb 1907, Hildreth, , Nebraska, USA
d. 14 May 1994, Peace River, Alberta, Canada

Frank Joseph SKLAPSKY Sr. (Great-Grandfather)
b. 12 Mar 1874, East Saginaw, Michigan, USA
m. 2 Mar 1895
d. 28 Mar 1958
Frederick SKLAPSKY (1876-1879)
Jenny SKLAPSKY (1878-1917)
Anna Olive SKLAPSKY (1881-1966)

Arletta Levisea TESTER (Great-Grandmother)
b. 22 Sep 1877, , ON, Canada

Joseph SKLAPSKY (2nd Great-Grandfather)
b. Jul 1850, , , Germany
m. 20 Apr 1873, East Saginaw, Michigan, USA
d. 7 May 1895

Mary Ann NOVAK (2nd Great-Grandmother)

Old Family photos, New Family photos

I just added a few more Old Family photos to the Genealogy folder in the Gallery. Some you may have seen before.

I have a number of photos I downloaded for the Federspiel family, among others, but have not posted those yet. Until I get some family trees put onto this site they likely won’t mean much to anyone. I still have to wrap my head around how we are all connected, whether Reeves, Novak, Federspiel, Lott, or whomever. It’s become a large family.

So look at your leisure, I’ll post more when they’re organized.

I also put up some photos from Madden’s 1st birthday.

Update to Genealogy Research

Progress has been a tad slow on the genealogy front, although I have made a few contacts and avenues I can pursue. My challenge is that I have too many interests in life and go in too many directions at once.

I’m still trying to connect the dots from Joseph Sklapsky’s arrival here in North America to his departure country in Europe. One of the genealogy sites I visit has provided a contact that is very helpful with both ideas and European resource websites I can use to follow the clues. See the Blog page “Links to Genealogy Sites” for those sites.

I’m also fortunate enough to make contact with a couple other family members (Fay and Angel) that are doing, or have done, research on different “branches” of the Sklapsky tree.  Stay tuned to see where that leads.

Reeves updates

The Reeves memoir project is not dead.  Just seems like it.

spending time here,updates
spending time here

I’ve been spending a bit of time lately getting the last of the scanned pages (of the Reeves memoir) into editable text, using an optical character recognition (OCR) program. I’m just using an OCR program that comes as part of Windows Office and it works pretty well.

It’s still somewhat tedious but is getting the job done. There are still a number of transcription errors and some missing words etc. so the document will continue to need work to make it fully ‘postable’.  I hope to have another section or two ready for posting today.

I’ve also made contact with a couple other fellow genealogists, if I can call myself that.  One, Loren D. from Rochester MN, has done a bunch of stuff of the Hoberg/Hogberg side, which is Charles Reeves wife’s maiden name. The other is Fay H. who lives in the Abbotsford BC area. She is also connected through Charles wife’s sister.  Boy does it get convoluted sometimes.

So I will putter away at this, fitting it in around the many other things I want to do.

The Holidays Are Over

With Christmas and New Years behind us things are beginning to get back to normal. Moze (Maureen) is still off work and will be for the foreseeable future. Her Achilles’ tendon is taking its sweet time healing and the physio and massage treatments are causing her more discomfort than she can stand. That and being cooped up are taking their toll.

I’ve been playing with this blog a bit, fine-tuning and tweaking, nothing substantial just cosmetics. I will play with the website too and upload more photos. So many things I want to do, so little time.

Photo 2011-12-12 5 38 53 PMI also spend some time on the “MurielsKids” site, a site primarily dealing with the Gale side of the family.  The matriarch of that side is my Aunt Muriel, who is my Dad’s (Dallas Sklapsky) sister.  She married a Gale and it’s that branch of the family that is most connected on the site.

I enjoy keeping in touch with that brance and would like to maintain a connection with all the family.  Just need to find more, there is a lot.

To that end I’ve begun doing some more research and entering names into a genealogical software package.  Any info anyone has to share please speak up!!