Land of Hope and Dreams – Nona Gale-Aspin story

The second installment of the Gale family story, as told in “Land of Hope and Dreams” has been posted here. As usual it can be found by going directly to the drop-down menu ‘Family Info’. The title is “Land of Hope and Dreams – My Story, by Nona Gale-Aspin”

This is the story as told by Nona (Wynona) Gale of her life, including some of her parents history in the early 1900’s. It concludes with her husband Harry’s passing in 1979.

Land of Hope and Dreams – A Tribute to Grandma Gale

One of the articles in the book written about the Grimshaw area, “Land of Hope and Dreams”, was a poem written by Donna J. Nickel titled “A Tribute to Grandma Gale”. To be honest I’m not sure of Donna’s relationship but it sounds like Grandma Gale was her, well, ‘Grandma’. I’d be interested to learn the actual connection.

Grandma Gale was born Ethel Louisa Marks, in 1885. She was married to Henry Botsford for a time and they had one son, Wyman. She remarried to Alvin Gale and together they had Wynona (Nona), Edith (Jean), Reginald, and Roy. She passed away in 1895 at 100 years young.

I had the pleasure of meeting her years ago, if memory serves me correctly, back in Berwyn where she lived in a small house next to her daughter Nona and her family. But before I go too far off on a tangent I will have to ask for confirmation on my ‘facts’ as I was likely only a youngster when this alleged meeting took place. Many things can happen over the years to diffuse what may have been clear recollections of the day. I believe I’m correct but may be confusing facts.

Grandma Gale’s son, Reg, married Muriel Sklapsky, and this is the connection to the Sklapsky brood.

The poem was written for Grandma Gale and it is posted in its entirety. It can be reached from the “Family Info” drop down menu at the top of the page, or by using this link here. I’ve also inserted the photo that was included with the writing, of Alvin and Ethel.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I had posting it. I will post the second article on the Gales soon.


New Articles coming

I’ve been transcribing more articles from the book “Land of Hope and Dreams”. Since I secured permission from one of the original writers I’ve looked through the book for other interesting articles and found a number.

I previously posted the write-up by my grandmother Bernice Sklapsky on her family’s life in the area and while it was the only one specifically on the Sklapsky family there are others which are connected in some fashion.

Case in point is the Gale family, and the Aspin family, both linked to the Sklapskys by marriage. It’s those articles I will be posting soon.

Stay tuned.

Land of Hope and Dreams – Frank and Bernice Sklapsky

Well, my ship came in. As mentioned in my previous post Good News I received permission to reprint sections from the book “Land of Hope and Dreams – A History of Grimshaw and Districts”.  The permission came from one of the directors of the now defunct Society and with it comes the ability to post articles from other families as well.

I have started with the Sklapskys, Frank and Bernice, with an article Bernice (Grandma) wrote mentioning their early life in Grimshaw and area. The article is called Land of Hope and Dreams – Frank and Bernice Sklapsky, and has been reproduced and is posted under the “Family Info” menu item. I don’t know the time it was written but she wrote it after she had moved to live with her sister in White Rock. I’m estimating just prior to 1980, when the book was published.

Interestingly as I look at the inside jacket of the book I see a list of Historical Society members, many of the names that I recognize, names such as Diebert, Aspin, Smart, and Mowry.

Another photo in my ‘pile’ that I’ve noticed is of Frank and Bernice taken at what I think is their anniversary. Can anyone confirm and tell me which anniversary?

Frank and Bernice Sklapsky, at their anniversary
Frank and Bernice Sklapsky, at their anniversary

Good News

Well,  I’ve received a piece  of good news this morning, and NO I didn’t win the Lotto. That would be nice however.

A few days ago I was looking through some family history files and I came across a photocopy from a section of a book I have called “Land of Hope and Dreams – A History of Grimshaw and Districts”. This particular section was on Frank and Bernice Sklapsky, written by Bernice Sklapsky. At any rate I thought to myself, “self, wouldn’t that be neat if I could post that section, or others, on this site for others to read”. It might be interesting for those who’ve maybe never heard of, or seen, the write-up. Wouldn’t it, huh?

So I looked up the publisher and tried to make contact. Unfortunately the “Grimshaw and District Historical Society” is no longer, at least it has no presence on the ‘net’. After a bit of poking around though I ultimately contacted an officer for the town of Grimshaw and after a couple of days got a reply. The society is now non-operational but this helpful person gave me contact info for someone who used to be in the society. Long story short they think it will be fine for me to post the articles, ain’t that swell?

So I’ll have to do the old scan/convert/transcribe the paper version to enable posting here but once it’s done we’re one step closer to having the ‘big picture’. This section is, of course, on Frank and Bernice but if other family is mentioned I may get that too.

Frank and Bernice
Frank and Bernice