Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

There is a famous quote that says:

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”.

It’s origin has been attributed to many people, even Charles Shultz (Peanuts/Charlie Brown) has his kick at it when he paraphrased:

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it sure makes the rest of you lonely.”
– Charles M. Shultz

How long does it take, if ever, before absence ceases to have that effect?

I’ve been spending some time with Madden the last few days and even though he can present some challenges, and I’m only being honest here, it’s when he’s no longer in my day I feel his absence. That absence can have profound effects, one being the loneliness Shultz mentions.

We’ve gone to the park, looked for ducks, we have walked to the local mall, and we have just hung out in the house, but where this absence struck me the most was this morning while getting supplies.

I am making chicken soup for dinner tonight, yummy soup too I might add, and I went to the store to pick up some ingredients. It’s while I was strolling along the sidewalk near the mall grocery store, the same sidewalk he and I walk almost daily when I’m in Kelowna, that it struck me the strongest. I passed the spots he on the sidewalk where he doddles, I saw the windows he peers in unabashedly, I heard the echo in the hallway where he generally calls out to hear his own voice coming back. It was at that moment I missed him the most.

Madden at the Park

The little curmudgeon tugs at my heart, even when he’s not with me, and I know he’s not always the angel I know he can be.

Two Hands

So even though he is not truly absent, only away from me for the day, I miss him. I don’t know if my heart can grow any fonder.

Be Thankful…There is so Much to be Thankful For

We must give thanks, have gratitude for those things we have and the blessings we receive.

No, this is not some sort of obscure prayer but a mantra we should choose to follow. It’s not lip service to a pie in the sky lifestyle but a way of life we should all follow. It’s the way things should be.

This has been brought home once again by my experiences here at the hospital. I could say I always follow this credo, but that wouldn’t be true. I TRY to be cognizant of the blessings I have and grateful for my good fortune but there are times, such as I have now, when we lament our turns of fate. We will cry “how can I deal with this”, or “my life is so poor” but we haven’t far to look, really, to see those less fortunate than ourselves.

I’m at the hospital, visiting my seriously ill sister, and yet when I enter the building I can see those many other souls whose lot in life is one of missing limbs, significantly damaged bodies or minds, and perhaps the tribulations of ongoing pain.

Are they better off, or worse than I, or does it matter? We each have our challenges, but we only need look around to see those with less.

My mother tells me a quote:

“I complained I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet”

I haven’t found the source of the quote, and would be happy to give credit were due, but have not seen a definitive author. The point is that if we look around we can always see someone less fortunate.

The opposite of that is that there is something good in every aspect of our lives and we only need recognize it, it’s there but for our attention. An example is the flowering trees on the path to the hospital. While we had finished our blooming at home it is happening here (in Edmonton) now.

Spring here
Madden and Dad

So, give thanks and be grateful for those things big and small in your life. If we look there are so many. It may be a beautiful bird, or the scent of a flower, or the love for your family or someone close. Notice and appreciate.

Visit with the Fam’

We are visiting our daughter and family again, can’t ever seem to get enough, especially with my grandson and lil buddy Madden. We had some great bonding time today, we went for a walk and even though it was cold enough to see your breath the chance to hang with the ‘Mad” made it worthwhile. I tell you, he warms the cockles of my heart.

20130126-210800.jpgWe’ll be back home tomorrow and take up life where we left off. I’ll get back to the routines of reading, writing, and relaxin’, sorry no ‘rithmatic.

I shall try to accomplish some of those tasks that have fallen through the cracks, that of updating the photos in the gallery, adding more pages of Charles Reeves memoir, and just generally trying to do a little bit of everything. The fun and games never ends, so much to do and so little time.

The weather here has been so so, better than many years in the past but not as good as some, and certainly not as nice as other areas of BC or Alberta. It’s the sun I miss, the inspiration and invigoration it gives me. It chases away the winter blahs and perks me up. I am so looking forward to spring, and I know it’s not good to wish away you life but come on I need some sun. Soon I’m told, soon.
grandmother, grandson, love