Weekly Phoneography Challenge: Neighborhood

What to do? I have not (as yet) entered a Photo Challenge (from this site), but there’s a first for everything.

This weeks photo challenge is really a ‘phoneography’ challenge, details are here.

Although the photo below is not a new photo it was taken with my phone. I was out for a walk and spotted this children’s toy fireman’s hat laying on the road. It drew me in somehow, I like shots like this.

fireman's hat, hat, fireman
Fireman’s hat

This is another one I thought was interesting. I manipulated it within my phone to exaggerate some of the colours.

bush, silver dollar
I think this is called a Silver Dollar bush

I hope you enjoy.

More Photos, Columbia River, Granite Mountain

It was another nice day the other day, I took the opportunity to take a few more photos while on a drive back from Trail. One shot is of the Columbia river on my return from Waneta, the second a shot of the river with Granite Mountain in the distant background, and the third a snap of the birch tree-lined road down to the Birchbank picnic area.

Columbia river, river, water, blue sky
Columbia River

It was a beautiful sunny day, blue skies, and spring was in the air.

Granite mountain, mountain, snow capped mountain
Granite mountain


One more for luck…

Birch trees
Birch lined road


Money Shots, Kettle and Granby River

We were fortunate enough to catch some nice weather while we were gone, in fact a few of the days I would swear it was Spring, or Spring was just around the corner. You know those days where the breeze is cool but the warmth from the sun’s rays brightens not only the day but your spirit. The inspiration I feel, the rejuvenation of my mood and lightening of my soul. It sparks my initiative and diminishes the doldrums that typically strike me during the winter season. It’s all good.

Early in the trip however (on the way there) there were some unusual sounds coming from the cars drive-train, a growling or subtle howling kind of noise. I could hear it, Maureen could not. Part of that could be my ‘mechanics ear’ and part was likely due to which side of the car you were sitting on. Moze said she could hear it more clearly once she took over some of the driving.

I suspect it’s a wheel bearing although the noise was not what I would expect from that type of problem. I tried to get the car into the shop in Kelowna, while we were there, but it wouldn’t be until sometime this week they could do the work so I chanced it and drove it for the duration of the trip and back home again. I have an appointment for Wed. here in town so I will learn for sure then (hopefully).

I didn’t really take any pix of Madden while we were gone, other than some on my phone, so I don’t have anything that I find to be that post-worthy. I did get a few of the Kettle and Granby Rivers though, those were the money shots I had wanted to get during our last trip.

Kettle River, river, blue sky
The Kettle River

This photo was one I had wanted to capture on one of our previous trips but due to weather conditions and lighting they wouldn’t have been as pretty.

Granby River, river
Granby River

The shot above is the Granby River, just outside Grand Forks BC. The day was beautiful and perfect for this shot. I only wish (in hindsight) I had used my polarizing filter.

Granby river, train bridge, blue sky
Granby river train bridge

Above is the Granby river again, this time looking the other way toward the train bridge.

Visit Extended

As it turned out we ended up staying an extra day, leaving Sunday instead of Saturday. Such a hard life we have, sometimes I can hardly stand it.

baby, toddler, profile
I’m so cute

What the extension did do was allow me to get some more photos of Madden, and he’s such a willing subject. It’s quite funny really, as soon as I bring my camera out now he often quickly crawls over to check it out. I think he’s particularly enamoured with the strap, the black and yellow bands catching his eye and drawing him near.

This visit I was fortunate enough to get some shots of him as he sat beside the patio doors, the glass passing the light across his face and giving the quality to the photo that I really like. This particular pose and lighting reminded me of one I took of my daughter when she was about the same age.

Now with this pic and all the others it’s my challenge to get them sorted, catalogued, and filed. Many will be posted to the gallery…. Soon, very soon.

Blog is proceeding

Jan.14.13 07:36 pm

I know I said I wouldn’t post here but in the interests of time I’ll say the blog is proceeding,

I am trying to post there somewhat regularly. I am still trying to wrap my head around the best way to put information out there without becoming an onerous task for me.

I am still considering morphing the blog into the website, or visa versa, to minimize the number of pages and streamline the editing process.I am also “waaayyy” behind in posting photos in the gallery. It appears to be working ok although until I get a larger number of photos in the “public” gallery there won’t be too much to see.

Another Christmas Photo

Ok, so here’s one family-type photo posted of the many taken. I put all of them up on the gallery site but depending on your access you may or may not be able to see the bulk of them. The gallery can be accessed from the Sklapsky.ca site and it appears I should put a link on this site as well.

In this blogging process I frequently feel as if I’m talking to myself, or at best like Tom Hanks talking to the basketball in his movie “Castaway”. Is there anyone out there? No matter, I do it for myself as much as anything.


Snowy weather

The snow has assaulted us for the last few days. There has been a reprieve this morning but the piles of un-shovelled snow from previous dumps has beckoned me. Unfortunately my back is telling me that I’m not as young and virile (well, at least young) as I used to be.  Continued bombardment with exercise has enabled my aches to announce themselves, subtly if nothing else.

Accumulation of snow on our deck, with flowers blooming

I took this picture of the snow accumulation out on our deck.  I believe it was about 14+ inches, and that was over 3 days.  As you can see in the photo we still have flowers on the deck.  We do have awesome green thumbs after-all.

Clearing of this snow will be another of those tasks on the “to-do list”, as if there isn’t enough of those.  I seem to create as many jobs as I clear off, and I thought retirement would enable me to make the list disappear, by completing all those things that’ve hung over my head for years.  Time will tell I guess.

Website – Sklapsky.ca

As far as the site goes I’ve made more progress on the Piwigo ‘Gallery‘, uploading hundreds of photos and trying to learn enough to begin generating log-ins and access for general users.  After all it does no good to have a gallery if nobody can see it.  At this time only my daughter Ayron, her husband Stefan, and my wife have full access.  Of course I have to sort the photos in the gallery in some fashion too, by determining which can/should be seen by John Q Public and which should not.  Another brick in my wall.

So as usual I’d love to hear from someone, anyone, if they’ve seen any of this stuff.  In the big picture perhaps it doesn’t matter, but realistically I think it does (at least to me).